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SPECTRO - Visual Inspection made simple

SPECTRO is HACARUS’ solution for Visual Inspection –
used across several industries, including
automotive, electronics, precision part manufacturing and construction.

Easy, fast configuration

We have simplified the most time consuming part, parameter tuning. With one single, optional parameter, the time for preparation gets significantly shorter.

Flexible across use cases

Meet Patch Sample Inspection (Beta) – a new, generic inspection algorithm that can easily handle variations in placement or rotation within inspection objects, making it easier to apply SPECTRO to new use cases.

Higher precision

We see consistent improvement in results across various use cases. On average, accuracy in our reference inspection targets increased from 92% to 97% – validated use cases include automotive parts, precision metal parts, electronic components.

Try it yourself

If you already have an existing SPECTRO account – proceed to https://spectro.hacarus.com 

Or contact us today for a demonstration of SPECTRO.

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