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AI Academy: Medical Track

A Data Scientist & AI Training Program Tailored for the Medical Field

Since its inception in 2014 Hacarus has been focused on providing solutions and services that help the medical field provide better, faster and safer treatments, using data science an AI.

Through our AI Academy program we enable medical device and pharmaceutical companies to learn how to use tools necessary for AI development, the basics of machine learning & statistics, legalities and assessing different AI technologies.

Over the 2-month program in project exercises, lectures and workshops, students gain hands-on experience of the full AI development cycle, from problem definition to model creation and results benchmarking using real medical data.

After Completing the AI Academy you will be able to:

Assess In-house Data Assets
Assess in-house Data Assets

Using techniques and tools learned, students are able to assess and evaluate internally held data from clinical trials and drug development for future AI projects.

Navigate Legal Requirements & Procedures (Japan)
Navigate Legal Requirements & Procedures (Japan)

Based on insights gained, students are able to structure and plan projects compliant with proposal guidelines and praxis, including the use of patient data and passing clinical research review committees.

Assess Competing AI Solutions
Assess Competing AI Solutions

AI Projects typically include the need to collaborate with external vendors – based on course content students will be able to compare competing offerings, and pick the best suited for a specific use case.

Sample Lecture:
Program Introduction

Sample Lecture:
Program Highlights

What our Students are Saying

Researcher at Pharmaceutical Company A:
“There aren’t many training programs that cover the necessary elements for learning AI and machine learning, but I think this program was well-balanced including elements such as statistics, machine learning, and programming – upon completion I feel that I can talk to AI developers.”

Researcher at Pharmaceutical Company B:
“I came into this program without any prior knowledge, but I feel that I was able to understand the basic structure of machine learning and the examination process even though I am at a beginner level. While I still  have much to learn,  I  am happy I took the program as it has gotten me started with AI.”


Lectures: Specialized Techniques for Medical Data

Complete crash course in data analysis for medical data, such as MRI/CTI medical images and medical history & statistics. Lessons learned are immediately applicable for data analysis.

Workshops: Hands-On Project

Through guidance and workshops students are tasked with completing a real AI project, using publicly available medical data. By following the the AI development process, students learn the key points of a successful AI project.

Optional: Usage of Customer Data for Hands-on Project

For companies that would like to use their own data for the workshop project, HACARUS supports guidance and feedback from data processing analysis of results.

*This is an optional service that requires a separate fee


The acquisition of basic knowledge
Tools needed for AI development
Getting started with Machine Learning
How to proceed with an AI project

Case Study of AI in the Medical Field
Priority 6 region to promote the AI ​​development
Genome Analysis
Diagnostic imaging support
Diagnosis and treatment support
Drug Development
Nursing care and dementia
Surgery support

Data analysis without programming
Methods for visualization
Methods for data analysis without programming

Medical Statistics and Machine Learning
Medical statistics 101
Machine learning  101
Deep Learning 101

Analysis of foundation and medical image data of the image processing
Basis of image processing
How to detect the cell nucleus from a cell image
Handling of DICOM data
Normalization of the MRI image

Method of evaluating the performance of Medical AI
How to proceed with Medical AI project
How to use Python and JupyterNotebook
Organization and evaluation of AI result

Program Overview

Program Structure
3 Full Day Sessions
Project Length 2-months with 4 in person workshops

• Full Day Sessions: 10-17:00
• Workshops: 13:00-17:00

※ In addition to in person sessions, exercises for self-study is provided

Kyoto, Osaka or Online

10-20 Students

※ Several companies participate in each batch

Student Profile
• Business Development Professionals at Pharmaceutical companies and Medical device manufacturers
• Research Divisions of Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Device Manufacturers

Students bring Mac or PC, lectures and exercises primarily using web-browsers

Prerequisite Knowledge
  • No Programming experience required
  • Elementary High school level Math & statistics
  • Experience working with data to guide business decisions, using productivity suites such as Office


Takashi Someda


M.S of Statistics and Information Science from Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics.

Recognized as a thought-leader globally, and frequent keynote speaker at machine learning conferences in Japan and internationally – passionate about combining business logic with novel technology to solve customer issues.

Naoki Kitora

Naoki Kitora


B.S. of Engineering from Kansai University. Multiple Articles Presented at Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence and Language Processing.

With close to a decade of experience in data analysis and machine learning, and currently leading medical projects at HACARUS, Naoki brings strong real-world project management experience of applying data science to the medical field.

Keiichiro Takahashi

Data Scientist

M.S in Computer Science from the The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.

Strong private and academic background in bioinformatics research, including at a major medical device manufacturer as well from a research role in machine learning and data mining at the Kyoto University.

Optional Services

Project with Customer Data for Hands-On Project

For companies that would like their participants to use and learn from how to create AI projects from their own data, HACARUS data scientist team is able to support and guide students through the process offering online Q&A and regular face-to-face reviews including proposals for policies in the same format as project exercises.

To protect confidentiality of data companies that choose to use their own data are given the workshops separately from other participants.

*Pricing subject to project scope and data complexity


Optional On-Site Training

Tailored AI ACADEMY package at customers site, offering curriculum at location of clients choice. The minimum participants for this program is 10 people. In addition to the attendance fee, additional fees such as accommodation and transportation will be charged.