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AI Academy: General Track (AI Planning Training Course)

In this course for all businessmen and businesswomen, we help you to obtain fundamental skills for AI planning.  What skills are necessary in the age of AI? How would the conventional work style evolve as AI continues to surround us? You will be able to gain a fundamental understanding of crucial AI topics – that will be essential for all in the AI era.


Benefits of the AI Planning Training Course

Train and develop employees as AI planners to lead AI implementation

Raise the level of in-house knowledge and understanding of AI

Explore areas where AI could be implemented to reduce costs


Recent trends in the business environment
Why many companies have trouble adopting AI solutions
The need for AI planners from a business perspective

What is AI ?

Real-life examples of AI implementation in business
Improving existing operations through the AI implemention

Utilizing AI for new businesses

Flow of AI development and PoC
Issues of PoC
Causes of PoC issues
How to prevent PoC issues

How to impact your business with AI

Program Overview

Program Structure
Lecture (classroom lecture): 3 hours

In the morning or afternoon

Kyoto / Osaka / Tokyo / Online

Approx. 20 people

Student Profile
This course is for everyone in the business field
We welcome all in the business field who want to acquire AI planning skills