AI Solutions for Manufacturing and Medical IndustriesAI Solutions for Manufacturing and Medical Industries

HACARUS-X: AI Solutions for
Manufacturing and Medical Industries

Our Approach is Scientific –
Our AI Solutions are Cost Effective, Fast and Scalable

Hacarus Inc. is an industry leader for AI Solutions with small data. Our Sparse Modeling technology can be applied in multiple use cases, where deep learning and the collection of big amounts of data (Big Data) does not work. 

HACARUS-X, our specialized technology toolkit, is used successfully in the manufacturing and medical industries. See below for more details about our technology, including embedded and FPGA based AI Solutions.

*Note: AI stands for artificial intelligence, a specialized area of computer science. It is also referred to as machine learning. AI Solutions emulate certain functions or characteristics of the human brain to make decisions in a human-like way. Hence they are considered intelligent.

Industrial and Manufacturing AI Solutions

Efficiency is critical in industrial facilities and for manufacturing. Production defects need to be minimized to reduce potential waste or loss.

Hacarus’ Sparse Modeling based technology can identify production defects quickly, allowing immediate reaction.

Our customers have successfully implemented our technology in various industrial fields. For example, solar-panel or heater manufacturing or in the area of building maintenance.

You can deploy our AI Solution for production defect reduction as a standalone service next to your existing production line. Or integrate it into your production workflow through an embedded system or  FPGA chipset.

Read our iRobotics case study to learn how a drone technology company worked with Hacarus. They used our technology to detect building damages in inaccessible areas through drone pictures.

AI Based Image and Video Analytics

Ongoing observation of large industrial properties, factories, or public commercial locations such as shopping malls, can be costly and time intensive.

Hacarus provides automated image and video analytics to extract key information and summarize the observed activity.

For retail shops, cafes or events, this AI Solution can automatically generate statistics about the number of customers at any given time of the day – allowing managers to analyze and forecast visitor numbers.

In the industrial field, it can be applied to surveillance, such as facility observation, intrusion detection or property defect detection. We are currently adding features for the observation of car parking facilities, including counting of free available parking lots.

The technology is available as a standalone service or can it be integrated into an existing system set-up through an FPGA chipset.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of our Image and Video Analytics solutions.

AI Solutions for Medical Research and Diagnosis

In 2014, Hacarus first started with a focus on healthcare and nutrition. With the knowledge gained in this field, we created an AI Solution for analyzing causes and effects related to personal health.

Our algorithms are tailored for medical studies, medical treatment analysis, and drug research. Data used for these use cases can range from basic health parameters, like blood pressure, heart rate, or activity level, to CT brain scan images.

Through our Sparse Modeling technology, we can extract results from small amounts of data – such as a low-resolution brain scan.

We are currently supporting a large international pharmaceutical corporation throughout the course of a medical study. 

Contact us for more information about our Medical Solutions.

Energy efficient AI Solutions for Embedded and FPGA

A key benefit of our Sparse Modeling technology is it’s low energy consumption – unlike common machine learning approaches, that require srong computing power.

Hacarus’ AI Solutions can run on low power and hence they are easy to embed into devices like cameras, routers or industrial equipment, using FPGA chips.

Visit HACARUS-X Edge page to learn more about our FPGA and embed products.

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