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Case Studies

Right now, the DX industry, including IT and data analysis, is rapidly evolving and it is progressing at a dizzying pace. It is not easy keeping up with these constant changes on our own, so we have decided to partner with ventures that are well-versed in specific fields or niche technologies to gain expertise and quickly develop solutions and services that make use of this knowledge. By working together with HACARUS, we are hoping to not only improve the efficiency of our internal operations, but also develop new solutions using AI and IoT.

Our impressions of working with HACARUS is of a company that provides excellent data science expertise through each step of the process – from data processing to analysis of data. The project also provided an opportunity for our R&D institute personnel to get acquainted with Sparse Modeling through the in-house study sessions – knowledge that we will be using in our work moving forward.

HACARUS took into account the characteristics of the data, they could provide a quick response to the entire process from data processing to AI model creation. Many of the AI models and techniques proposed by HACARUS had not been thought of by our company, which led to an improvement in the skills of our staff. We are grateful to HACARUS for their quick response to our requests and questions.