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AI Enabled Cerebral Infarction Diagnosis Assistance – HACARUS & Ohara Pharmaceutical

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HACARUS and Ohara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have launched a joint project with a university conducting cutting-edge medical research. By digitizing the knowledge and know-how of stroke specialists, the project aims to realize diagnostic support for acute cerebral infarction using AI.


Highly specialized MRI image interpretation technology is required to diagnose cerebral infarction, and accurate treatment type selection is required to select a treatment method. In particular, the treatment of acute cerebral infarction is time-consuming and requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. There are many hospitals that do not have a cerebral infarction specialist even though they have MRI imaging equipment.


To tackle this issue, HACARUS and OHARA Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. are working together with a leading Medical University to digitize specialists’ knowledge, aiming to offer AI enabled assistance in acute cerebral infarction diagnosis. By combining data from MRI and other vital patient data, our model is able to accurately aid doctors. Digitalization of expert knowledge will also further reduce the risks of late diagnosis, and importantly loosen the strain on specialists. In addition, it enables rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment of cerebral infarction even in hospitals without specialists.

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