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Advanced Applications of Sparse Modeling for Image Processing – Deficit Interpolation, Anomaly Detection, and Super-Resolution

This article originally appeared in Japanese on Codezine, below follows HACARUS translation of the same: This series of articles is for engineers who want to jump into machine learning and who have experience with deep learning and machine learning. The focus will be on a technique called "sparse modeling" - where you can perform analysis without large amounts of data. In the last article, image reconstruction using dictionary learning was covered. This time, three advanced methods will be introduced: deficit…

Making the Leap from Established to Start-Up: What to Expect

Over the past 18 months, we at HACARUS have focused on expanding our organization to  keep up with market demand for our services. It is no longer a rare occasion to welcome a new member from a major corporation - rather it is becoming commonplace. In this blog Tomomi Kikumoto HACARUS’ HR manager, discusses the experience with some recent members of the engineering organization.  _________ Tomomi: Today the focus will be on 3 HACARUS members who are originally from major…

Greeting a New Member @KYOTO HQ

As part of our ongoing work to integrate the latest industrial robots with HACARUS AI technologies we've just taught our resident Mitsubishi Electric Robot to recognize humans, and to respond respectfully to a human bow - with a bow ! Check it out below:

Exhibition at ITE2019 for SPECTRO

Hacarus with AVAL DATA Corporation at the "International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2019", held this week 4th-6th of December at the Pacifico Yokohama - meet us there to see the latest demonstrations of SPECTRO!

Reflections from Hacarus Tech Meet-Up in Taiwan

For this week’s focus Ryan Ho, one of our new hires from Taiwan shares his initial impressions from a tech meet-up we held in Taipei in the beginning of the autumn this year. His account of the event follows below: Hi, my name is Ryan, I joined Hacarus data science team this October, but I’ve been a big fan of the Hacarus's explainable and lightweight AI since I visit the website. I’ve been looking into the “deep” learning and issues…