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Hacarus’s CEO Kenshin ー Insights on Being CEO

From studying in the California State University to beginning his career at Sony Computer Entertainment, we'll be interviewing none other than Hacarus's CEO, Kenshin Fujiwara. Sharing experience of more than 10 startup companies and culminated years of business knowledge, both domestic and international, today we are hoping to further deepen our understanding of Kenshin's values and beliefs. ITALIAN QUATRO is an izakaya/restaurant that serves Italian cuisine, ranging from pizzas, kinds of pasta, lasagna, fried chicken, salads, etc. It is known…

Hacarus Joins the PnP Innovation Platform

Last week on September 11th, Hacarus CMO, Adrian Sossna presented at the PnP Innovation Platform Kick-Off Event in Silicon Valley - we are now excited to announce that we are joining the next batch of the IoT Program in an effort to introduce Hacarus services and solutions to more global customers.

Hacarus at the Cloud Express Roadshow 2019

As part of Amazon’s Cloud Express Roadshow, Hacarus was a keynote speaker at the Kyoto stop. Our CTO, Takashi Someda, gave a lecture on Sparse Modeling and the importance of explainable AI. Thank you to all that came to speak with us after the event and showed interest in our technology and services!        

Hacarus at the DS Pharma Animal Health Award Ceremony

“It is a great honor to receive this award for our work in creating technology that will improve animals’ lives. Together with DS Pharma, we see a great opportunity to revolutionize animal health diagnostics with our AI technology, making treatment safer, faster and more humane,” said Kenshin Fujiwara, CEO and Founder of Hacarus. Original press release here

HacaRUNs Activity Report : Running Club at an AI Startup – Total Mileage 100km+

Hey there, I'm Tomomi, the CHO of Hacarus! As CHO (Chief Health Officer), I support the health of employees at Hacarus. From May of this year, Hacarus started a running club. Since then, we have been consistently running every week! We call our running club: HacaRUNS Do you see the play on words there? (pun intended!) On Wednesdays, after we finish work, those who feel like running, gather and get started - at first at a slow pace. At times,…

Hacarus CEO Kenshin Fujiwara at Kyoto Start-Up Summer School

As a member of the Kansai Start-Up scene we are always happy to be a part of activities to expand the eco-system, and support new ideas and ventures - case in point, our CEO and Founder spoke about start-up funding at the Kyoto Start-Up Summer School last week on AUG27. As always, great fun!

Participating in Amazon’s Workshop: Introduction to Amazon EC2 F1 Instances

Hey there! I’m Maeda, one of Hacarus’s FPGA interns. Just like the title says, I joined the course called Amazon EC2 F1 Instance.  In this report, I’ll explain what I learned point-by-point. So, what's an F1 Instance?  The F1 Instance is a compute instance with Field Programmable Gate Arrays, abbreviated as FPGA. The F1 instance (Formula 1, includes Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ VU9P) is an EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) equipped with FPGA.  In FPGA, users can program the logic functions that…