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Chief Health Officer

We Care About Our Employee's' Health

HACARUS founded a special department, CHO (Chief Health Officer), to support the health of its employees in April 2018. CHO is doing activities aimed at allowing each employee to manage their health. In-house nutritionists and fitness trainers provide medical counseling on the health and physical condition of employees and provides training guidance and advice based on the results of employees’ answers to a variety of questions.We are also working on supporting mental health through zen-meditation and mindfulness.

Health Promotion in HACARUS

Hacarus has a mission to “make everyone on earth live to be 120 years old”. This means that we aid the promotion of health for all people by using technology such as AI to increase healthcare expertise.

In order to embody this mission, we do activities aimed at allowing each employee to handle their own health. Furthermore, we will actively disseminate this information outside the company and expand our activities to contribute to the promotion of health in society as a whole.

-CEO, Kenshin Fujiwara

What to Do

Support for all Hacarus member’s’ health

We will support Hacarus staff to allow them to be more healthy by giving them specific guidance on diet, exercise, and so on.

Public relations

We will also work in the public space to transmit the information about Hacarus news, culture, what the CHO project does. HACARUS is an international and multicultural organization that will introduce wellness information informed by the knowledge of many countries.

Join other companies in seminars or meetups

We plan to interview members of the company to understand how healthcare interests employees. By doing this, we will get answers to valuable questions, such as what employees feel companies are doing for their health. Furthermore, we plan to have seminars or events to promote employee health.

AI and healthcare

We will emphasize Hacarus’ unique approach that combines data science and healthcare.




Instruction on exercise programs tailored to the conditions of each employee and coordinated by the fitness trainer to increase productivity.



Support employees to find and implement suitable diets.


Mental State/Sleep

Practicing mindfulness to ensure time for employees to level their minds.

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