CEOKenshin Fujiwara

HACARUS is a health care venture whose mission is to achieve health through diet, using technology.
We are engaged in activities that promote the health of all people in the world through eating

” We are what we eat ”

This may sound obvious, but our diets can get gradually out of balance without our realizing it, and many people nowadays do not get balanced nutrition from their daily meals.

Eating a balanced diet is important for our bodies.
By assisting with this balance, we can prevent illness and promote activities that reduce the burden on people with medically restrictive diets.
May you grow even healthier with meals that are even more fun!

Company Name
Hacarus Inc.
Kenshin Fujiwara
Kikusan Bldg. 3F Room 302 112 Machigashiracho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi Kyoto 604-8206 Japan
January 14, 2014
・Miyako Capital
・Chushin Venture Capital
・Senshu Ikeda Capital
・Kyogin Lease Capital
・Darma Tech Labs
・Shinichi Okamoto (Former CTO of Sony Computer Entertainment)
・Hiroyasu Koma (GLM Co., Ltd. CEO)
・Taizo Otsuka (KAKAXI Inc. CEO)
・Kenshin Fujiwara
Main Bank
・Mizuho Bank Kyoto-Chuo Branch
・Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank Main Branch
・Bank of Kyoto Main Branch
・Senshu Ikeda Bank Kyoto Branch
・Relo Club, Ltd.
・Hakuhodo Inc.
・CyberAgent, Inc.
・Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories, Inc.
・Kyoto Shisaku Net
・KYOSO Technology Co., Ltd.
・Goodwood KYOTO
・Yokoyama Shokai Co., Ltd.
・Classmethod, Inc.
・ Corp.
And many others

Kikusan Bldg. 3F Room 302
112 Machigashiracho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi Kyoto 604-8206 Japan

5-minute walk west from Karasumaoike Station on the Karasuma Line

The organization is made up of members from a variety of fields, including hardware professionals, registered dietitians, and even cultural industry business leaders. We conducted joint research and development with a university to create our algorithm.

Kenshin Fujiwara
Takashi Someda
Katsutoshi Nagase
CFO・Certified public accountant
Akihiro Hojo
Naoki Kitora
VP of Product
Marcel Takagi
Health Fitness Programmer
Tomomi Kikumoto
Project Manager
Jeanne Bernice Q. Boon
Software Engineer
Niño Eclarin
Software Engineer
Christine Alcachupas
Software Engineer
Aldrin Bautista
Data Scientist
Ryuji Masui
Data Scientist
Satoshi Yamamori
Data Scientist
Yoshinobu Ogura
Chief Science Advisor
Masayuki Ohzeki
Marketing Advisor
Keiichi Funaki