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Data Science Consulting

A Complete AI Development Service

As the market leader in lightweight and explainable AI, HACARUS is uniquely adept to develop custom AI solutions for clients in a wide range of industries.

Combining vast experience from customer centric AI development with data science expertise, HACARUS possesses the ability to create tailor-made solutions. Our DATA SCIENCE CONSULTING package offers a full range of AI development services including Data collection, Annotation, Data analysis, AI Model Development and Prototype Development.

Value Proposition

Dedicated Team

Dedicated HACARUS project team, committed all the way from inception to completion, with regular status updates and progress reports to ensure constant alignment with project objectives.

Clear IP Retainment

HACARUS conduct ensures that all intellectual property developed, including source code, and future commercialization rights are fully owned and controlled by the client company.

One Stop AI Solution Provider

HACARUS Data Science Consulting service offers a full suite of AI development expertise, ranging from preparing data, to model creation and analysis – all within the same service package.

Service Details

Data Collection
Data Collection

Assist in data collection,

• Data Assessment
• Web data scraping
• Design and implementation of questionnaires
• Shaping and preprocessing of retained data

※ Purchase of commercial datasets costs extra

Data Analysis & AI Model Development
Data Analysis & AI Model Development

• Analysis Report Creation
• AI Model Design
• AI Model Development (*)
• AI Model Evaluation
• Support for writing papers

※ If you wish to deep learning, customer is expected to deliver requisite hardware platform, at a surcharge HACARUS can assist in Construction and operation of a learning environment for deep learning at client location


• Annotation work for videos and images
• Annotation support when requesting experts

If large amounts of data need to be annotated in a short period of time, support for inexpensive offshore off-the-shelf annotations based on separate estimates

Prototype Application Development
Prototype application development

• Web application
• Mobile application (Android / iOS)
• Desktop application (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Operation of cloud environment quoted separately.

Service Overview

Recommended Contract Period 12 Month Intervals
Service Types • Data collection
• Annotation
• Data analysis
• AI model development
• Prototype Development
Resource Allocation • 1 Project Manager
• 1 Lead Engineer

※ Resource Allocation dependent on project scope

Other Case Studies

CUSTOMER: Infrastructure Company (Japan)

OVERVIEW: To prevent workplace accidents in hazardous environments, client wanted to, from video and image data create an AI solution that detects unsafe behavior and ensured that proper safe equipment was used – HACARUS tasked with full AI development.

DATA SOURCE: Video feed data

CUSTOMER: Pharmaceutical Company & Medical University

OVERVIEW: Customer wanted to create AI tool for stokes detection and classification, to help suggest treatment – HACARUS tasked with creating AI model and supporting software.

DATA SOURCE: MRI images and patient data

CUSTOMER: Medical Equipment Manufacturer

OVERVIEW: Using data captured from an ECG device, the customer wanted to create a predicative AI tool, that would monitor expected heart activity and notify healthcare professionals in case of anomalies – HACARUS worked both on edge AI software and hardware component.

DATA SOURCE: Time-series data