HACARUS Fit Platform

Rapid development toolkit for medical
and healthcare systems

What is HACARUS Fit Platform?

HACARUS Fit Platform is a one-stop system development package for medical and
healthcare industries. What’s included are API   SDK which allow you to call individual
feature of the platform and AI (HACARUS-X) needed to construct data analysis model. It can
be a standalone system as well as work collaboratively with the existing systems.


Advantages 01

  • ・Vital data recording
  • ・Connectivity to wearable devices
  • ・Meal, nutrition, exercise data processing
  • ・Medical prescription processing
  • ・Personalized recommendation
  • ・Archived data analysis
  • ・Remote communication and chat

Advantages 02

Our development platform is what powers HACARUS Fit, a flagship healthcare mobile app
we released in 2016. Developers can benefit from our experience and knowledge right out of the box.

Advantages 03

By combining with HACARUS-X, a AI toolkit we provide since 2017, developing AI enabled service has never been easier. From data acquisition to analysis as well as prediction, this is one-stop solution to developers.

What you can do with HACARUS Fit Platform

  • Developing a mobile app to keep track of any healthcare data
  • Developing a system to connect to wearable devices for data retrieval
  • Developing a remote communication system using chat bot
  • Developing a system for conducting PoC and publishing the result
  • Building a AI prediction model based on acquired data


Case 1

Optimizing the process of medical PoC and research
Problem Increasing labor cost and operation cost per each project
Solution To develop a system that records and analyses clinical trial data, and build a prediction model
Estimated cost $50,000 to $100,000

Reduce the overall cost by incorporating a system and AI prediction

Case 2

Providing a PHR (Personal Health Record) service to customers
Problem Not enough budget and time for developing a system that covers user registration to data storage from scratch.
Solution To develop a customer facing mobile app, data analysis feature, and management feature
Estimated cost $30,000 to $80,000

Develop a mobile app that keeps track of vital data in short period of time

Case 3

Centralize and digitalize employee’s health data that exists at multiple locations
Problem Not enough in-house resource to develop a system that collects paper based
medical examination data to let employee review their own health status
Solution To develop data entry application, data analysis feature, management feature
Estimated cost $20,000 to $50,000

Develop a system that improves accessibility to employee medical examination data

Case 4

Add new features to the existing member facing system
Problem Not enough experience and knowledge of developing healthcare related features.
Solution Meal and exercise logging API, nutrition calculation API, recommendation API
Estimated cost From $5,000

Add new healthcare features by incorporating HACARUS Fit Platform API

Application example


HACARUS Fit is a smartphone app which let you keep track of dairy meal.
Companies and organizations may provide this app to their employees and members. Administrators can provide a personalized guidance using a built-in chat.

Hacarus for RELO CLUB

This is a customized version of HACARUS Fit app for RELO CLUB, a benefit provider that has 5 millions customers. Through this app, the company can meet the growing need of health conscious employees as part of the existing benefit program.


This is a Tipness member only app that supports meal, exercise, and recovery. HACARUS Fit Platform is being used within the app in order to generate a personalized food recommendation from 1,000 unique recipes.

For other examples,contact us.

For developers

Specification ・Authentication method - API key
・Compatible languages - Java / Swift / Python / JavaScript
・Pricing - Initial set up fee + monthly API usage charge
Security ・Built and complied with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
・Allow access only to appropriate users due to access restrictions
・Critical data is saved in the area isolated from outside and a full backup is carried out once a day
Operation ・Limited staff who can access AWS environment
・Maintain operation log in AWS environment and ensure traceability
・Work closely with AWS support and build a system to respond promptly when problems occur


  • QCan Hacarus work with a partner company that’s currently in charge of existing system development?
    Yes. We can propose a collaboration scheme between your company, partner company and us.
  • QCan HACARUS Fit Platform be installed onto our own server as on-premises software?
    No. HACARUS Fit Platform is only designed to operate on top of the cloud environment provided by Hacarus.
  • QCan I propose Hacarus Fit Platform to my client?
    Yes. Please contact us for details.
Should you have any inquiry regarding HACARUS Fit Platform, please contact us.
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