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Self-learning life image analytics for edge hardware

Smart edge devices can react without delay or dependencies to a cloud connection. HACARUS-X-Edge enables the deployment of life image analytics AI to the edge.

Our technology works with minimal effort for set-up – unlike deep learning based solutions, HACARUS-X-Edge does not need an external training cycle or manual installation of pre-trained models.

Both, training and inference of the AI run within the chip.

Live image analysis on FPGA

The right solution for many industrial use cases

HACARUS-X-Edge can turn a simple connected webcam into a powerful analytics device, with minimal set-up.

Defect detection

Defect detection

Analyze the quality of a production process.  Get notified in case of production defects.



Detect intrusion into restricted facilities. Get alerted on unexpected movements.

Visitor statistics

Visitor statistics

Count the number of people entering or leaving a venue. Capture how long people stay at one place.

Traffic observation

Traffic observation

Identify cars on a street. Calculate the number of free parking lots.

Content of HACARUS-X-Edge for Xilinx

The following hardware components are included with HACARUS-X-Edge for Xilinx:

* Monitor DisplayPort or HDMI supported resolutions: 3840 x 2160, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720

Contact us to learn more about the features and future roadmap of HACARUS-X-Edge Kit for FPGA.

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