“HACARUS MD” and “HACARUS DD” Websites have been renewed

“HACARUS MD” And “HACARUS DD” Websites Have Been Renewed

We have renewed the web pages of our AI platforms for medical use “HACARUS MD” and “HACARUS DD”. This new page is designed to make it easier to learn more about HACARUS various activities in the medical field and life science field. 

■ HACARUS MD (Diagnosis Support AI Platform)

HACARUS MD is a diagnostic support AI platform that supports healthcare professionals. HACARUS’s unique AI technology is characterized by its ability to build highly interpretable AI without using big data.
URL: https://hacarus.com/medical/md/ 

■ HACARUS DD (Drug Discovery Support AI Platform)

It is an AI platform that supports drug discovery researchers by streamlining image analysis in the drug discovery process with AI. By combining the knowledge of drug discovery researchers with AI, we aim to realize a more efficient and rapid drug discovery process.
URL: https://hacarus.com/medical/dd/

Takashi Someda

CTO of Hacarus. Has over 15 years experience as a software and server engineer in several global SaaS startups. Currently working hard to make something new with machine learning. Holds masters degree in Information Science at Kyoto University.

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