HACARUS’ Takashi Yamaguchi to present at Chubu Innovation Community Event

HACARUS’ Takashi Yamaguchi To Present At Chubu Innovation Community Event

Takashi Yamaguchi of the Product Division will be speaking at the Chubu Innovation Community Event to be held at Nagoya Wework on September 15.

At the event, Takashi will introduce the HACARUS Check series of visual inspection solutions and outline how to find and select a partner for collaboration, what is necessary for successful cooperation, and the development and manufacturing process of the alpha version with Yuta Hosoi (細井 雄太), CEO of MonoRevo inc., under the theme “Start-up x Manufacturing”.

Outline of the event
Event name: How startups can develop their own products and services with co-creation partners
Date: Friday, September 15, 16:00-18:30
Location: Nagoya wework (directly connected to Sasashima Live Station)
Registration (Japanese Only)


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