HACARUS to present at inVISION Days on AI & Imaging beyond the visible

HACARUS To Present At InVISION Days On AI & Imaging Beyond The Visible

HACARUS Adrian V.J Sossna, Global Marketing and Partnerships Lead will present on the topic of Augmenting Human Expertise with AI-Powered Hyperspectral Image Analysis – Lessons Learned during the second day of the event.

November 27th, 2023, Kyoto, Japan – HACARUS, on a mission to bring the next generation of instruments to every industry, today announced that it will be presenting at the highly anticipated inVISION Days, a three-day digital conference for machine vision.

As part of the comprehensive program, Day 2 (December 6th) will delve into the realm of “Imaging beyond the visible,” exploring Multi- & Hyperspectral Imaging, SWIR & UV technologies, and Thermography. During the 4th session “Multi- & Hyperspectral Imaging”, HACARUS will share its real world experience of combining AI with Hyperspectral Imaging and near infra-red cameras to solve end-user problems. The presentation will also feature an experiment using traditional Japanese confectionary.

The inVISION Days, organized by the inVISION journal in collaboration with the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) and VISION fair, will bring together leaders and innovators in the machine vision sector. The free to attend event will be held online, and is open for registration at https://openwebinarworld.com/en/webinar/invision-days-day-2-imaging-beyond-the-visible/ (English Only).

For those unable to attend the live session, all presentations, including HACARUS’, will be available as video-on-demand after the conference, ensuring widespread access to the valuable insights shared during inVISION Days.


HACARUS INC, on a mission to bring the next generation of instruments to every industry, has since its founding in 2014, supplied AI solutions across the medical, manufacturing and construction fields in Japan – and beyond. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, and backed by Daikin, Osaka Gas and Miyako Capital (Kyoto University), among others, its technology enables humans to make better, faster, and more reliable decisions based on data-driven insights. HACARUS’ proprietary AI engine is built using Sparse Modeling, a method that understands data like a human would – by its unique key features and is far more resource, time, and energy-efficient when compared to Deep Learning. To learn more, visit https://hacarus.com

About inVISION Days

inVISION Days is a free three-day online conference dedicated to presenting machine vision trends through lectures, keynotes, and panel discussions. Organized by the inVISION journal, together with the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) and VISION fair as partners for the conference. Platin sponsor of the inVISION Days is B&R Automation. The event provides a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in the machine vision industry.


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