HACARUS & Kaminashi to host webinar on AI & Digital Transformation for the Manufacturing Industry

HACARUS & Kaminashi To Host Webinar On AI & Digital Transformation For The Manufacturing Industry

The webinar will cover examples of successful deployment of AI and digital transformation tools to help solve labor shortage issues at factories and manufacturing sites. 

The issue of a shortage of human resources is only becoming more serious due to the decline in the working population in Japan, as a result of the declining birthrate and aging population. In the manufacturing industry in particular, there continues to be a shortage of manpower. Under these circumstances, with an eye on long-term business operations, the use of AI and technology in factories has become more common, but many new adopters struggle to determine where to start, and what approach will bring the best results for each use case.

In this seminar, HACARUS which provides visual inspection AI solutions and Kaminashi, which provides an on-site platform that can digitize work records, will jointly introduce how to improve work efficiency through the use of AI and digitalization in the field through hands-on examples of successful deployments.

Target audience:

  • Those who want to increase production efficiency by utilizing AI and digital technology in factories
  • For those who want to know how to implement AI/digital solutions
  • For those who want to learn from successful cases of AI/digital utilization at other companies




15:05〜15:30 Introducing HACARUS Check 

HACARUS’ visual inspection solutions feature a combination of equipment capable of 360° imaging, such as collaborative robots, and AI that can repeatedly learn on-site using only a small amount of non-defective product data. This presentation will explain the best inspection targets, and how to use it through hands-on examples.

15:30〜15:55 Introducing Kaminashi Digital Transformation Platform

On-site efficiency and visualization achieved through apps! Kaminashi Digital Transformation Platform is a service that allows anyone to easily create their own company-specific on-site apps and improve the efficiency of factory operations. In this presentation, key points and success stories will be introduced.


Event Details

Date and Time

February, 29, 15:00〜16:00

Participation Fee


Location Online (Zoom)
Capacity 100
Organised by HACARUS and Kaminashi
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Rio Onishi (Director, CPO and Product Division Manager – HACARUS)
Graduated from the Kyoto University in 1998 and joined Keyence Corporation. Since then, he has served as an engineer, PM, and head of corporate planning and development in multiple manufacturing industries. Joined HACARUS in 2021, became the Industry Division Manager in 2022, and assumed the current position in 2023.


Takuhei Tajima (Marketing Department – Kaminashi)
After graduating from university, worked at a research company and then a logistics company.  Was involved in implementing IT on-site and as an executive at a subsidiary interior construction company, and became aware of the challenges faced in implementing IT on-site. After that, joined Kaminashi after working for an IT company. Currently, promoting DX methods and Kaminashi proposals at seminars and other events.


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