HACARUS Check White Paper Series: Vol. 1 “Determining the Best Inspection Target” now available

HACARUS Check White Paper Series: Vol. 1 “Determining The Best Inspection Target” Now Available

HACARUS Check’s new white paper series gives users and prospective customers a better understanding of the product, and how to get the best performance from HACARUS’ AI core. The first volume focuses on picking the best inspection targets for AI powered visual inspections. 

HACARUS’ hardware and software bundle for visual inspections, HACARUS Check, specializes in the inspection of metal components, particularly those related to the automotive industry, and is especially good at inspecting complex workpieces that cannot be captured in a single image. However, within the realm of metal parts, there are various production methods such as casting, forging, and pressing, resulting in diverse shapes and sizes. HACARUS Check AI software as a standalone product can be adapted to a wide range of workpieces, including plastics, rubber, electronic circuit boards, and more.

As a result, HACARUS sometimes receive feedback from prospective customers expressing uncertainty about which inspection targets fit well with HACARUS Check. Selecting an inspection target, summarizing the inspection requirements, and outlining the production line is a large commitment for prospective users – especially if it turns out that the inspection target is not a good fit. Therefore this white paper covers how to determine inspection target fit, and what to consider when thinking about using HACARUS Check.

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