HACARUS Check White Paper Series: Vol. 2 “Overview of HACARUS Check Compatibility with Automotive Parts” now available

HACARUS Check White Paper Series: Vol. 2 “Overview Of HACARUS Check Compatibility With Automotive Parts” Now Available

HACARUS Check’s white paper series gives users and prospective customers a better understanding of the product, and how to get the best performance from HACARUS’ AI core. The second volume covers which automotive parts HACARUS Check has previously been used to inspect, as well as compatibility with a wide range range of parts. 

HACARUS excels in work related to automotive parts, particularly in the domain of metal components. However, within the broad spectrum of automotive and metal parts, clients often ask, “Can your solution be used to inspect our products? Do you have previous experience for our inspection target?” Therefore, for clients in the automotive parts manufacturing industry considering HACARUS’ AI visual inspection, we have prepared this reference material to enable a quick assessment of the potential applicability to their product range.

Request a copy by filling out this form: https://check.hacarus.com/contact/

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