HACARUS Check White Paper Series: Vol. 3 “Understanding HACARUS Check’s Approach to AI Model Training” now available

HACARUS Check White Paper Series: Vol. 3 “Understanding HACARUS Check’s Approach To AI Model Training” Now Available

HACARUS Check’s white paper series gives users and prospective customers a better understanding of the product, and how to get the best performance from HACARUS’ AI core. In volume 3 we explore HACARUS Check’s approach to AI model training, and why more data isn’t always better. 

The HACARUS Check AI software can train AI models quickly, from a small amount of sample data of good products, with high accuracy in defect detection. Delving into the intricacies of its algorithms may not directly benefit all end-users, but understanding the concepts and mechanisms behind can reveal tips for improving accuracy. In this document, the concepts of HACARUS’ small data centric approach to AI model training is summarized, using a Q&A format with diagrams. This content is particularly useful for customers who have questions such as “There are many vendors for AI visual inspection, how do I decide?” or “There are other methods of learning from good data, how does this differ?”. This document is meant for all audiences, including non-technical users.

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