Navigating the Future: Key Takeaways from Hannover Messe 2024

Navigating The Future: Key Takeaways From Hannover Messe 2024

HACARUS exhibited and participated in this year’s Hannover Messe fair, marking the first showcase of the HACARUS Check for FANUC CRX series outside Japan. This blog covers HACARUS’ experience at the world’s largest industrial fair. 

Hannover Messe 2024, held in the historic city of Hannover, Germany, has once again set the stage for showcasing the latest advancements in industrial technology. Spanning across 5 days, from April 22nd to 26th, this year’s theme focused on Energizing a Sustainable Industry reflecting the urgent trends towards sustainability and technological integration in the industrial world. 

With an impressive lineup of speakers including political and industry leaders like Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, a diverse array of over 4,000 exhibitors (including for the first time, HACARUS) and 130,000 attendees, the fair was a vibrant hub for innovation and collaboration.

HACARUS’ exhibited in the application park, focusing on utilizing robotics for logistics and automation. 


Innovations Unveiled

This year’s Hannover Messe was a showcase for breakthroughs in generative AI for industry, machine learning for industrial usage and sustainable production technologies. These innovations are poised to revolutionize sectors from manufacturing to energy, emphasizing efficiency, labor savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Keynote Highlights

Keynotes by global leaders emphasized the importance of digitalization and sustainability in industry. Chancellor Scholz highlighted the role of digital technologies in driving economic growth, while Ursula von der Leyen discussed the European Green Deal’s impact on industrial practices. These speeches underscored a collective drive towards innovation and sustainability.

Hannover Messe Opening Ceremony, held on April 21st. 


Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ursula von der Leyen (left, right) addressing the opening ceremony. 


HACARUS’ Presentations 

During Hannover Messe HACARUS’ took to the stage twice. Once as a presenter as part of the Industrial Startup Stages, presenting a best practice case study on the theme of Automating Visual Inspections and Quality Inspections with AI made in Kyoto, as well as being invited by JETRO to speak on the topic of Supply Chain Partnerships and Open Innovation with Japanese Companies. The JETRO seminar also included speeches by H.E Hidenao Yanagi (Ambassador of Japan to Germany) and Shigeki Okamoto (Director General JETRO Berlin Office) among others. 

In both of these sessions HACARUS’ Global partnership and marketing lead, Adrian V.J Sossna presented the novel AI visual inspection solution HACARUS Check, focusing on tangible examples from Japan and how the solution has enabled digital transformation initiatives. 

HACARUS’ Adrian VJ Sossna addressing the audience during the JETRO seminar. 


H.E Hidenao Yanagi (Ambassador of Japan to Germany) together with Takashi Someda (CEO) at HACARUS booth following the JETRO seminar. 


Emerging Trends

AI and machine learning were standout trends, reflecting their increasing importance in industrial applications. Discussions on carbon-neutral production and the integration of energy systems with industrial processes (Energy 4.0) were also central, indicating a strong move towards sustainability. These trends are expected to shape the future of industry, driving innovations that align with global sustainability goals.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Hannover Messe 2024 offered numerous networking events, including the opening event that we attended, which featured senior politicians from Europe speaking as well as Norway Night, hosted by this year’s partner country – Norway. Announcements of new collaborations underscored the event’s role as a catalyst for cross-industry cooperation, with many attendees praising the opportunities to connect with global leaders and innovators.

Challenges and Controversies

The event also addressed challenges such as the scalability of sustainable technologies and the ethical implications of AI in industrial applications. These discussions highlighted the diverse perspectives within the community and underscored the complex path towards integrating these technologies into mainstream practices, especially with a focus on data privacy.


Hannover Messe 2024 not only highlighted the dynamic nature of the industrial domain, but also set the direction for future developments. The push for digitalization and sustainability is likely to remain at the forefront of industrial innovation. HACARUS mission to bring the next generation of instruments to all industries is closely aligned with this direction and the fair set the stage for HACARUS to continue its global roll out. 

Hannover Messe 2024 in Pictures 


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