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HacaRUNs Activity Report : Running Club At An AI Startup – Total Mileage 100km+

Hey there, I’m Tomomi, the CHO of Hacarus!
As CHO (Chief Health Officer), I support the health of employees at Hacarus.

From May of this year, Hacarus started a running club. Since then, we have been consistently running every week!

We call our running club: HacaRUNS
Do you see the play on words there? (pun intended!)

On Wednesdays, after we finish work, those who feel like running, gather and get started – at first at a slow pace.

At times, we have over 10 members running and other times, 3 or 4 members running – always good fun!

The course begins from our Shijo-Karasuma office in downtown Kyoto and runs towards the scenic Kamogawa river. Running alongside the river really gives off that Kyoto-like feel, and from there on, we head back towards the office. The entire course lasts for about 5 kilometers. 

Counting the total distance traveled so far, it amounted up to 100km (5km x 22 days of running)!

The Benefit of Joining HacaRUNs 

From running bit by bit, we’ve come to see the good effects of our weekly runs. 

(Comments below from the members)

Effects on the workplace:

  • “It’s a great opportunity to talk with members who we don’t usually get the chance to speak with at work.”
  • “Even if you aren’t the fastest runner and have a slow pace, everyone adjusts accordingly and cheers you on!”
  • “My acquaintances, who work at venture companies, say they wish they could work in a friendly environment like this.”
  • “Honestly, it’s fun to wear matching T-shirts together.”
  • “I wasn’t all that confident to run 5km- especially on my own. Running alongside others makes me feel a lot more integrated with my health and I feel really encouraged to run.”
  • “Running a complete 5km isn’t an easy task for me. So small success experiences are built up every week- which is good both for your physical and mental being.”

Effects on your physical condition:

  • “My thoughts become refreshed!”
  • “I may have lost some weight!”
  • “I’m much less tired.”
  • “That feeling of muscle pain that tells you, ‘You did great man!'”
  • “The feeling of being able to have good sleep”
  • “Beer after running is unusually delicious”
  • “You can sleep well on the train back home”
  • “In the first place, if I hadn’t been joining these runs, I honestly would not be exercising at all!”

Other positives and nice experiences:

  • “You can find out about hidden lunch and bar areas that you originally didn’t know about”
  • “One time, I was by myself a stranger asked me, ‘Are you okay?’ (Kyoto people are so friendly!)”
  • “I finally achieved my dream of running down Kamogawa!”
  • “Running in Kyoto gives you confirmation that you are working in Kyoto- always nice to be in a city like Kyoto!”


HacaRUNs not only eliminates the problems in lack of exercise but also allows for mutual exchanges amongst members- which is an important part of company culture. 



In the near future, in addition to running, we plan to hold classes in Hacarus- such as yoga and muscle training! 



Stay tuned!