Employee Interview Series: The perspective from Corporate Planning with Akari Fukamachi

Employee Interview Series: The Perspective From Corporate Planning With Akari Fukamachi

Acting as a bridge between customers and engineers, Akari work in the Corporate Planning team. 

Corporate Planning/Business Development (Fukamachi)

Akari Fukamachi (Corporate Planning/Business Development)

Graduated from the Faculty of Letters at Kyoto University. After graduating, she worked for an SIer for about two and a half years in corporate sales. She joined HACARUS in 2022, quickly becoming a top salesperson. She currently works in the Corporate Planning Department directly with CEO, where she is involved in launching new businesses.

I’m excited to see the future we’ll create together with AI!

I am not an engineer, but I majored in philosophy at university and was deeply interested in human cognition and the difference between artificial intelligence and humans. Therefore, I wanted to work for a company related to AI someday.

HACARUS’ mission is “To bring the next generation of instruments to all industries. To put it bluntly, the next generation of instruments are all based on AI. I am personally very excited about how the future will change as AI is implemented in society!

HACARUS sales is about selling services that don’t even have a physical form yet

I am currently in the Corporate Planning Department, where I am in charge of developing new businesses. Specifically, in addition to sales duties such as interviewing customers, planning, and follow-up, I also do a wide range of tasks such as planning the company’s mid- to long-term strategies, and coordinating between management and employees.

Sales staff at HACARUS find problems customers have through interviews, and use our expertise in AI to propose solutions that can solve them. It is very interesting to be involved from the planning stage as a bridge between customers and engineers. And I feel rewarded when I think that HACARUS’ solutions have the potential to change not only the companies in front of me, but society as a whole.

Communicating the appeal to engineers is also an important part of sales

HACARUS has many fascinating engineers. To know our engineers better, I try to communicate with them proactively on a daily basis. We often talk about hobbies as well as AI technology and products. There are many HACARUS employees with very varied hobbies, which is very interesting. It  can also sometimes lead to conversations with customers. Regardless of work, I always want to value communication with people.

We aim to be an organization where both customers and employees can be happy!

I love the Omi merchant’s phrase “Sanpoyoshi”. As the Corporate Planning Office, we want to develop activities that will make everyone happy, not only for our customers, but also for our employees. As an aside, I personally love Okinawa, so opening an Okinawa branch is also a secret goal (laughs). HACARUS is currently in the process of expanding the company. All of our employees are looking for people who want to create a bright future with new technology.

In particular, for sales positions, I think that people who are interested in a wide range of fields and industries and can persevere in their work are suitable. It’s good to have an interest in AI, but as we move forward with the social implementation of our products, we would rather have someone with domain knowledge in manufacturing and infrastructure. Let’s create a new future together!

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