Employee Interview Series: A conversation with Ryuji Masui, a longer serving Data Scientist

Employee Interview Series: A Conversation With Ryuji Masui, A Longer Serving Data Scientist

Ryuji has been working at HACARUS since 2016, making him one of the longest serving members (the company was founded in 2014) at the company. In this blog he shares his experience and the journey so far.  

Data Scientist (Masui)

Ryuji Masui, Data Scientist

Graduated from the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University. While at university, he interned at HACARUS, developing an AI visual inspection system. He then joined the company as a full-time employee in 2019 and is currently involved in the development of AI to prevent industrial accidents.

A project that he started on as an intern has today grown into one of HACARUS’ flagship products.

In 2016 while I was still a student, I was approached by a university professor that introduced internship opportunities at HACARUS. Today HACARUS’s main business line is visual inspection using AI, and even while I was interning, I was actually part of building the initial system for this, using sparse modeling. I feel proud to see how far that product has come since.

Today his work is focused on realtime detection AI for preventing industrial worksite accidents

I am currently in charge of developing AI to prevent industrial accidents, and I mainly work remotely. A typical day starts with a morning standup with my team. After confirming the schedule for the day and chatting with other members, I then work on my analysis and development work. Sometimes I work with interns. In between, I also hold meetings with customers and presentations as appropriate.

We took on the challenge of developing AI to prevent industrial accidents based on customer feedback that they wanted to optimize safety management in factories. The main feature of HACARUS’ AI is that it can run in real time locally, without the need for cloud connectivity. Because it was a development that required really advanced technology, I sometimes felt like this will be a really difficult challenge. However I feel great joy and satisfaction in developing a solution that does not yet exist in the world and resolving our customers’ problems!

When I first joined as an intern, there were only about five members. More and more people joined and it was a very valuable experience to see the company grow. It was also stimulating to experience this type of rapid growth in Japan.

Even though I looked at other companies during my job search, I decided to stay with HACARUS because I thought, “It would be a waste to leave now after growing with HACARUS. I want to see the future even further ahead!“.

I officially joined the company in 2019 and have been working there ever since. Even though I’m an engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a wide range of tasks, including R&D and PM. Because of this I feel that I’ve grown professionally, and I’m glad I’ve been with HACARUS.

We want to turn ideas into reality, and use the power of HACARUS to solve real customer problems.

At HACARUS, many employees work remotely like me, and I feel that the relationships between employees are good.

We gather in Kyoto, where the headquarters is located, for a general meeting once every six months, and interacting with colleagues and going on business trips to Kyoto are a good way to refresh your mind from work. When I went to Kyoto recently, I went smelt fishing at Lake Biwa with a colleague I hadn’t seen in a while, and it was a lot of fun. I feel that smooth communication between employees allows us to help each other regardless of department, which has a positive impact on development and the company.

We intend to continue to approach a variety of topics, and there are actually many technologies that I have ideas for but we have yet to implement in the field. At HACARUS, we will not only continue to catch up on new things every day to deepen our technology, but also acquire new domain knowledge from various industries, extract issues from the customer’s perspective, and create solutions that meet their needs.

I would be happy if we could realize things that were previously thought to be impossible with our technology, and I would like to implement them to make a better society. I want to reduce the burden of difficult work done by people, and create a more convenient world for humans.

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