“HACARUS Check” Interview clip by Aperza TV Released.

“HACARUS Check” Interview Clip By Aperza TV Released.

On April 25th. HACARUS was interviewed by Aperza TV at the venue of the “Nagoya Manufacturing AI/IoT Expo”  which was held from April 12th to 14th, 2023.
In the interview, Mr. Rio Onishi, Director of the Industry Business Division, introduces the features of HACARUS Check, an AI based visual inspection system.


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4/25 (Tue)

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Exhibition Report | Manufacturing AI/IoT Expo [April 2023]

We will report on products and technologies that promote the use of AI and IoT in the manufacturing industry. Aperza TV reporters will conduct on-site interviews at the exhibition venue and deliver trends in video. This time, the main exhibitions and highlights of various companies were interviewed, including HACARUS.

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