Let others do what they do best, and let us focus on what we can do uniquely and where we can create the most value. This is our business unit’s mission.

Let Others Do What They Do Best, And Let Us Focus On What We Can Do Uniquely And Where We Can Create The Most Value. This Is Our Business Unit’s Mission.

Hello, I’m Rio Onishi, the Director and Head of the Industry Business Division, also known as the Chief Product Officer (CPO). Starting from April 2023, I have taken on the role of Director and Head of the Industry Business Division. While I hold the position of Division Head, I have a background as a former engineer, with experience in designing circuit boards using Fusion360 and collaborating on the overall product design with enclosures. In the past, I have primarily focused on embedded systems and have been involved in software and FPGA development. For a detailed overview of my experience, please refer to the provided information. If you are interested, you can also listen to my introduction on HACARUS’ Spotify podcast.(note: In Japanese only)

In the Industry Business Division, our main product is the AI visual inspection device called “HACARUS Check.” If you would like to learn more about our product or the behind-the-scenes stories of its development, I recommend checking out our articles.

HACARUS’ mission is “Bringing next-generation ‘measurement’ to every industry,” and our guiding principles are as followed:

  1. It’s our responsibility to make work interesting; we create exciting work ourselves.
  2. We don’t confine ourselves to Japan; we engage in business with the world.
  3. We stay true to ourselves as a Kyoto-based company.

Based on the company’s mission and guiding principles, the Industry Business Division holds discussions to establish its vision for the development and sale of HACARUS Check and HACARUS Check AI software. The vision is reviewed every six months. The division was actually established in July 2022, and the vision at that time was as follows:

We deliver unique “measured” solutions that only we can provide to our customers, staying true to ourselves and our capabilities.

HACARUS has several members who are native English speakers, so when we gather as a team, both English and Japanese are naturally used in our discussions. I prepare a rough draft and we have  workshop-style discussions, refining it until we reach the points mentioned above.

Furthermore, I’m pleased to share that HACARUS Check has been successfully implemented and delivered to our customers. As a result, our vision has evolved since January 2023. You can find a video related to the implementation of HACARUS Check on our website, so please feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

During our company-wide annual meeting at the beginning of the year, the members of the Industry Division had a dedicated session to discuss and brainstorm our next vision. Through these discussions, we eventually settled on the vision mentioned above. We were able to deliver on our goals by the end of 2022, so for the next vision, we decided to focus on revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Initially, I shared the idea of “saving the world,” but I was reminded, “Hold on, Mr. Onishi, let’s start by revolutionizing the manufacturing industry first,” which led us to the final vision mentioned above. 

Activities of the Industry Division

We believe that as a startup, we need to tackle new things and things that no one else can do, things that big companies wouldn’t dare to try. We don’t have unnecessary constraints, so there are no limitations on adopting new tools, utilizing new technologies, or implementing unconventional methods. We truly embody the philosophy of “creating interesting work for ourselves.” In the Industry Division, we have filed multiple patents in the areas we are involved in. We constantly brainstorm and put our heads together to come up with solutions for our customers’ challenges. Sometimes, we face difficult problems that leave us scratching our heads, but as a team, we discuss how to tackle them and work collaboratively to find the best possible solutions.

As mentioned before, HACARUS has several members who only speak English, and this applies to the Industry Division as well. It’s not that all our members are fluent in English; I myself consider it a daily learning experience to communicate in English, and I often struggle with it. However, when I look at it from a different perspective, it’s amazing to have so many opportunities to use English naturally. Additionally, our business is already expanding internationally. We are not just talking about “not confining ourselves to Japan and doing business with the world”; we are actually taking action.

In the Industry Division, our main focus is currently on visual inspection, which is a field where we have various competitors, ranging from large companies to startups. However, our approach is to concentrate on what we can uniquely offer, what we can bring the most value in. Rather than following what others are doing, it’s about embracing the philosophy of “we are different, we are HACARUS, and we are true to our Kyoto roots.”


The companies that have adopted HACARUS Check by the end of 2022 were extremely pleased, stating that HACARUS was able to solve the challenges that they had attempted to tackle themselves or that had been rejected by other companies. We are currently working on projects that involve tackling challenges that other companies cannot handle. In line with the vision set by the Industry Division, our recent focus has been on revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, and we aim to expand the adoption of HACARUS Check.

If you are someone who wants to take on new challenges, work on previously unsolvable problems, explore new technologies, or be involved in team development, we encourage you to apply without hesitation. We are looking for individuals who are interested in joining us on this journey.

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