Looking Back at the “Itsumo Ookini” System in 2021 – Employees Think about Benefits that All Employees Can Enjoy

Looking Back At The “Itsumo Ookini” System In 2021 – Employees Think About Benefits That All Employees Can Enjoy

Hello everyone, this is Tomomi Kikumoto, HR Manager at HACARUS. Today I would like to talk about HACARUS’ Itsumo Ookini system. 

We first introduced this system in December of 2020. We wanted to create a system where employees could think of benefits that would be great for everyone through a relay-style system.

It’s been a year since this system was first introduced, so let’s take a look back at 2021 to see what kinds of things were selected by our employees. 

New Year’s Bingo Tournament

Around January of 2021, we were in the midst of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, a state of emergency was declared and employees were asked to work completely from home. Since everyone was unable to meet from the start of the year, some employees voiced their support for an online event. So, Ippei, a data scientist from the development department, took the initiative to organize an online bingo tournament. 

To make the event more exciting, we made a budget and prepared various prizes for the winners. Ippei, the event founder, even won the first prize which made the event very exciting!

Purchasing Books You Like

Another option was proposed by Ryan, an engineer, where employees could buy a book of their choice. Usually, HACARUS allows its employees to buy books related to their work. However, for one month, everyone was able to buy any book they wanted within reason. Many of the employees purchased books related to their hobbies such as cookbooks and novels. 


Autumn means Outings! Outings mean candy!

During the autumn season, it is typical for people to go on trips. Last year, Mr. Nishimura, another engineer, planned to simulate the trip season by giving employees an assortment of candy. Many of our employees commented that they enjoyed eating the candies with their children. 



Travel to Karurus Onsen in Hokkaido!

As we entered into the second half of 2021, it seemed like COVID-19 wasn’t going anywhere. As employees were still stuck at home, many wanted an opportunity to escape their homes and relax. An engineer named Mr. Masui took the initiative and planned a trip to Karurus Onsen in Hokkaido. 

Unfortunately, it proved difficult to book the travel and accommodations during the pandemic, so our employees came up with an interesting alternative. Everyone used bath salts purchased from Karurus Onsen to simulate an onsen at home. 

Mr. Masui said that these bath salts are great for the cold winter and that he hopes the company can plan a real trip after the pandemic is over. 

Let’s get to know each other’s strengths through StrengthsFinder!

One last example of employee creativity came in December from Mr. Omori and Ms. Minato from the administration department. The duo planned to create an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves and our team members’ strengths using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder. It’s great to see such a great plan for mutual understanding between employees, and we even held a workshop in January using the StrengthsFinder. 

It has been fun for me to look back at the “Itsumo Ookini” system in 2021. Using this system, I think there are plenty more opportunities for employees to communicate with each other. I am looking forward to what will be planned for this year’s festivities.  

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