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Data Scientist Bio / Chemoinformatics

Data Scientist Bio / Chemoinformatics

You will play an active role as a data scientist (bio / chemoinformatics).

Job Description:

  • Genome Information Analysis
  • Evolutionary Phylogenetic Analysis of Microorganisms (identification of characteristics and causes of differences)
  • Data Analysis
  • Gathering Insights from Data
  • Client Communication
  • Other Administration Work

Bio / chemoinformatics analysis is used to connect genomic data to understand microorganisms, diseases and the environment.
You will collaborate with in-house data scientists to research and propose AI development in pharmaceutical research.

Required skills / experience:

  • Bio-related Data Analysis Experience
  • Programming Experience (Python / Java / Scala etc.)
  • Data Science Research / Work Experience

Welcomed Skills:

  • Communication Skills in English
  • Experience in System Development and Roll-out using Machine Learning
  • Gene Prediction using Machine Learning
  • Protein Structure Analysis using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Gene Expression Analysis and Metagenomic Analysis using a High-speed Sequencer
  • Systems Biology