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Hacarus Data Scientist Training Program

Hacarus Data Scientist Training Program

Hacarus Data Scientist Training Program

This is a unique program designed for those who have application development experience using Python and data analysis experience using R / Matlab etc. You can gain experience as a full-fledged data scientist through lectures and practical studies..

In partnership with Datamix, a company specializing in coaching of AI related skills, we are working to develop a program that balances theory and practice. The program is a  combination of a program provided by Datamix and in-house learning and practice at HACARUS .

Features of this program

(1) Mentoring system with experienced data scientists

At HACARUS, we have experienced data scientists who were previously CTO’s at other organizations before joining HACARUS.

(2) You can take the necessary courses on company time

We assume that 50% of your working hours will be used for knowledge acquisition for the initial 3 months. We have many opportunities to learn such as our own level-based problems, learning using Coursera, and participating in data mix training.

(3) Balancing practical OJT and external training programs

You can attend the classroom training by enrolling yourself. Since you are studying at a company, you can experience practical on-the-job training using the abundant data that HACARUS has.