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Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description.

HACARUS is a company that works with our clients to solve their problems by examining, collecting, analyzing and proposing solutions to their data collection methods. You will be responsible for implementing algorithms devised by in-house data scientists as software to solve problems for companies in the industrial and medical fields.



Building an infrastructure to collect data in conjunction with existing systems, etc.

Data cleansing and metadata extraction

Evaluation of algorithmic models

Development of modules to call algorithms from software

Design of the entire system incorporating machine learning


Data we use

Industrial, medical and pharmaceutical industries are HACARUS’ areas of expertise. Since they are industries where it is difficult to collect data, we are collaborating in the form of raising funds to build an environment where we can collect on-site data.

We handle a wide range of data; from time-series data such as sensor data and human vitals data, to image data such as visual inspection images and medical images.


What we are looking for

Experience in developing and running applications in a cloud environment such as AWS.

Experience with AWS and GCP machine learning services.

Drive to become a machine learning engineer or a data engineer by using your knowledge of application development.


Developers at HACARUS

The CTO and CDO previously worked as engineers for a company developing cloud services, not a company specializing in data analytics.

We would like you to use your development experience to understand the models and mechanics of machine learning tools such as AWS tools, and gradually gain practical experience as a machine learning engineer.


▼ Development environment

Docker / Git / Jenkins / Python 3.x / Flask / SQLAlchemy / Swift (for iOS) / Kotlin, Java (for Android) / Vue.js, ReactJS (for frontend).

We used to use ReactJS for frontend however recently, light projects are increasing and are done with Vue.js. Many of the staff also speak about Python at PyCon-related events, and Python is the common language for software engineers and data scientists.


▼Developing your Machine Learning Skills

Not only will you be gaining experience through using actual data, you can skill up with external training as necessary.

We provide cost support for external training related to machine learning. We recommend that you also take the online Coursera.

We have an environment where you can work on machine learning using a wealth of data as we have raised funds and established relationships as business partners; from business companies in the fields of medical care, drug discovery, industry, etc.