HACARUSfor Medical

Responding to various needs in the medical field
through lightweight & explainable AI technology

  • A lightweight design compatible with small data sets


  • Eliminating black-boxes to provide explainable insights


  • AI for applications in the medical field

    HACARUS for Medical

    HACARUS for Medical

To date, many attempts have been made to use AI in the medical field, but there are still many challenges. While Deep Learning has made a breakthrough in many areas of the medical field, it has two significant limitations.

The first is the necessity for large amounts of training data. In the medical field, collecting patients’ personal information can be difficult, even if anonymized. One special characteristic of our Sparse Modeling AI is its ability to handle even small amounts of data, which is perfect for these cases.

The second limitation is that AI alone is not an all-powerful solution and the final decision is naturally left to professional medical staff. Since these doctors are responsible for human lives, they need a detailed explanation of the decision making process performed to arrive at a prediction by the AI model. Unfortunately, conventional Deep Learning models are unable to provide this information due to black-box issues tied to the sheer complexity of neural networks. Sparse Modeling once again holds the key to this issue by providing a model that can support doctors on the front lines and explain their deduction process step by step.

Capabilities of HACARUS’ AI
in the Medical Field

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