HACARUS MDECG Measurement AI for animals

Helping dogs live longer lives through early detection of heart disease using AI.

Stress-free dog ECG measurement AI service

HACARUS Corporation and Sumitomo Pharma Animal Health Co jointly developed the AI-based "Anisapo® Heart Check."

Generally, dogs are placed on their sides and held down so they cannot move during the exam, which can be stressful for dogs.

By combining "a device that can easily measure electrocardiograms" and "a system that analyzes electrocardiogram data using AI," we aim to facilitate the early detection of diseases in pet dogs.

Anisapo® Heart Check

Benefits of Anisapo® Heart Check

  • On the pet health check up list

    On the pet health check up list

    Regular checks of electrocardiographic data will help keep a watchful eye on the heart condition of pets.​

  • For pre-operative health checks

    For pre-operative health checks

    One of the pre-anesthetic tests during surgery is to check for cardiac abnormalities.​​

  • For examinations to determine the cause of symptoms when symptoms are present.

    For examinations to determine the cause of symptoms when symptoms are present.

    To help determine if the cause of the disease is a cardiac disease and to suggest the best treatment.​​

Usage image

  • ①ECG measurement

    ①ECG measurement

    By just standing on the "measurement" sheet.

    In the electrocardiogram test developed jointly by the two companies, the dog is made to stand on a special electrode sheet.
    These electricity-generated sheets were developed to obtain data from the paws as the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Each sheet is 50 cm in length and 60 cm in width, and measurement is completed in about 30 seconds after the push of a button.​

  • ②AI Analysis

    ②AI Analysis

    Diagnostic learning AI determines abnormalities in electrocardiograms

    The measured data is analyzed and judged by the AI in about 30 seconds, and the results are displayed in a report classified into four groups according to the degree of abnormality of the cardiac waveform.
    The AI learns not only the cardiograms of adult dogs but also the cardiograms of "healthy dogs" and "dogs with heart disease" diagnosed by a veterinary cardiologist of the Japanese Society of Veterinary Cardiology.​

  • ③Analysis results

    ③Analysis results

    "Browse" results are posted immediately.

    Analysis results can be viewed immediately on the "Anisapo® Heart Check website," a veterinary medical support platform service for veterinarians operated by Sumitomo Pharma Animal Health.
    The system does not require additional training in handling the electrocardiograph, making it easy for veterinary hospitals to utilize.

  • ④Dialogue with owners.

    ④Dialogue with owners.

    Discuss future treatment options.

    Based on the analysis results, we can immediately discuss with the pet owner on the spot. By being able to communicate about heart disease through reports, it can lead to early detection of "heart disease" and give owners peace of mind.

  • Electrode Sheet

    Electrode Sheet

    Equipped with specially developed electrode sheets to prevent noise from being included in the measurement data. Accurate ECG measurement is made possible.​

  • Electrocardiograph main unit

    Electrocardiograph main unit

    HACARUS designed the hardware for operating measurements and communicating ECG data, and LED lamps allow users to check measurement and communication status at a glance.​

  • Report


    ECG information, analysis waveforms, and waveform parameters can be viewed as the basis for the results of the AI's analysis. ​

Supervisor's Comment

The use of "electrocardiograms" is becoming more and more difficult, and its use in general veterinary clinics is decreasing. However, there is no doubt that the electrocardiogram is the most basic test to examine the heart's electrical activity.
On the other hand, it is a hurdle for veterinarians who do not specialize in cardiovascular diseases to share information with owners thoroughly and adequately explain and gain their understanding of "early symptoms of cardiovascular diseases" and the "necessity of a thorough examination" that is difficult to notice changes from the outside, in the course of daily medical care at veterinary hospitals.

Anisapo® Heart Check takes the hassle and difficulty out of ECG measurement and creates opportunities for veterinarians and owners to discuss heart conditions during routine medical care, leading to appropriate testing and treatment. Anisapo® Heart Check has the great advantage of preventing severe heart disease from being overlooked and alerting owners. We hope that HeartCheck will help further expand appropriate cardiovascular disease treatment.

Dr. Ryuji Fukushima, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Dr. Ryuji Fukushima, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Co-developer comment


In 2018, HACARUS proposed "Diagnosis and Treatment Support AI Applying Sparse Modeling Technology" in the "New Business Exploration Program 2018 Supporting Animal Health" sponsored by Sumitomo Pharma Animal Health. After HACARUS was selected for the grand prize, we continued strengthening our collaboration with Sumitomo Pharma.
Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in dogs, and early detection of this disease is vital during physical examinations and routine medical care. However, there are many cases where pet owners do not wish to have regular health checkups, which leads to early detection due to financial and physical restraints on their pets. Therefore, there has been a need for a different approach to monitoring pets' heart health easily.

The development of special electrodes has made it possible to implement simple ECG measurements in a standing position through a paw pad. In addition, AI analysis of the measured ECGs has enabled visualization of possible abnormalities, making it possible to "easily monitor the heart."

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