HACARUS for MedicalVital Data Analysis

Providing insights for clinical practices and medical research by identifying patterns from time-series data.

HACARUS for Medical - Vital Data Analysis
“Hacarus for Medical”, a lightweight and high-precision AI model, analyzes a series of chronological data from the body including electrocardiograms, blood pressure, and heart rate. Access to this information allows medical staff to explore treatments which may have been difficult to notice without the assistance of AI.
While studying the capabilities of the system, there was a case where the system was able to operate at 1% of the power consumption and five times faster than competing technologies. This system also aids medical practitioners and researchers in a variety of applications including seizure detection, correlation analysis of specific diseases based on past data, and analysis of rare diseases of which there are few samples.

  • Analyzing rare diseases with limited training data

  • Lightweight design for use in small devices

  • Fast speed and low power consumption

Service Specifications

Product type API or SDK
Development language C++ or Python
Operating system Windows or Linux (GPU not required)

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