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HACARUS’ CEO Speaks At Medical Fair Asia 2020

Kenshin Fujiwara, CEO at HACARUS, has spoken on December 10, 2020 at Medical Fair Asia (December 9th-18th).

In the session titled “Lessons Learned from Applying AI to Aid in Medical Diagnosis – Case Studies from Japan”, Kenshin introduced SALUS, HACARUS’ Medical & Life Sciences AI solutions, with application examples and case studies.

The recently announced collaboration between HACARUS and Mitsubishi Electric has also been discussed. You can watch the demonstration of the AI + Robotics collaboration here.

If you have missed the session and would like to learn more, you can register for free HERE to watch the recording of the talk session.


In addition, HACARUS will be speaking again during Medical Fair Asia as part of the SHOW HIGHLIGHTS section:

17 Dec (Thu) 1500 – 1600
In the Spotlight: How the Pandemic Changed the use of Blockchain, AI & Cloud in Healthcare
By: Adrian V.J Sossna, VP of Global Sales

To secure a seat to the session, sign-up for a ticket here.



SALUS is HACARUS’ platform for Medical & Life Sciences AI solutions. We work with Medical imaging data such as CT & MRI scans, time series data, such as ECG data, and medical record to create precise, complex tools, that aid care givers and researchers to provide better, faster and safer treatment, based on data driven insights. Learn more about SALUS here.

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HACARUS INC., founded 2014 in Kyoto, Japan is the leading provider of Explainable Lightweight AI Tools, backed by Miyako Capital (Kyoto University) among others. Its solutions are used in the Medical and Manufacturing fields to enable humans to make better, faster and more reliable decisions, based on AI driven insights. Hacarus’ proprietary AI engine is built using Sparse Modeling, an AI method that understands data like a human would – by its unique key features and is far more resource, time and energy efficient when compared to Deep Learning.

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