Professor Kaoru Kawamoto of Shiga University’s Department of Data Science appointed as Advisor

Professor Kaoru Kawamoto Of Shiga University’s Department Of Data Science Appointed As Advisor

Hacarus (Headquarters: Kyoto, Chuukyou-ku, Representative Board Member: Fujiwara Kenshin), a company offering a service that uses unique data analysis through the power of AI, is proud to announce that Mr. Kaoru Kawamoto, professor at Shiga University’s Department of Data Science, has officially become an advisor.

As the chief of Osaka Gas’ Business Analysis Center, Mr. Kawamoto has made data analysis the will of the organization and put all of his efforts into that goal, subsequently winning an award for the Nikkei Information Strategy’s Chosen Data Science of the Year Founder. In addition, he wrote, “How to Change a Company Through the Power of Analysis” (Koudansha Modern Age Paperback), which has become a popular topic of interest and the topic of many lectures and media appearances, among other things. Data Science’s development is my contribution to my country.

At this time, Hacarus is accepting Mr. Kawamoto as an advisor. He will be focused on the advancement of fundamental business facing data analysis. Furthermore, he will measure the strength of ties between the science research organizations and overall community with Shiga University in the beginning.

Personal Record

  • March 1991 – Kyoto University and Graduate Engineering Research School
  • April 1991 Mr. Kawamoto joins Osaka Gas in the product technology development department. He was involved in the development of the world first family-use gas absorption heater/air-conditioner.
  • July 1998 America Lawrence Berkeley National Research Facility Energy Analysis Team Associate Research Member
  • June 2000 Return to Osaka Gas
  • November 2001 Moves to Data Analysis specialist team.  Since then, he was involved in a variety of projects including failure prediction, failure diagnosis,  access log parsing, city price risk-weighing, energy demand forecasting, wheeled vehicle deployment, a boat deployment plan, customer targeting, area marking, electrical value forecasting, energy conservation examination, shift scheduling, among other things
  • April 2011 Becomes head of the Data Analysis specialist team* (*Official title is Business Analysis Center). He led 9 different data analysis specialists
  • March 2018 Leaves Osaka Gas
  • April 2018  Appointed in Shiga University, presently Shiga University Data Science Department Lecturer  and Data Science Education & Research Center Assistant Center Chief


  • August 2005 ECEEE Summer Study Best Poster in the category of Most Informative Poster
  • June 2006 Energy Resource Scientific Society 10th Kaya Honorable Mention
  • June 2007 Japan Gas Association Thesis Award
  • March 2012 Japan Operations Research Academic Assembly Implementation Award (for Osaka Gas)
  • September 2013 Chosen as Data Scientist of the Year at Nikkei Information Strategy
  • March 2014 Japan Data Management Consortium Data Management First Prize (for Osaka Gas)
  • November 2015 Enterprise Information Association IT Synthesis Award
  • November 2015 Information Processing Academic Assembly Digital Practice Thesis Award
  • October 2016 Computerization Acceleration Contribution Nikkei Industries Minister Award (for Osaka Gas)


  • “How to Change a Company Through the Power of Analysis” (Koudansha Modern Age Paperback)
  • “The Strongest Data Analysis Organization” (Nikkei BP, November 2017)


  • Headquarters: Kikusan Building Room 302, Machigashiracho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-fu, Kyoto
  • Established: January 2014
  • Raised Amount: 2.245 million yen
  • Main Investors: Miyako Capital, Nakanobu Venture Capital, Ikeda Senshuu Capital, Kyougin Lease Capital, Drama Tech Labs, Management Ranks and other individuals


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