HACARUS and Liberaware join forces to enable Smarter Industrial Instrument Inspections

HACARUS And Liberaware Join Forces To Enable Smarter Industrial Instrument Inspections

Joint AI and drone offering to deliver time and money saving automation solution

MARCH, 27, 2020 – Kyoto & Tokyo, Japan – HACARUS, the leading provider of lightweight and explainable AI, today announced that it has partnered with Liberaware Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Liberaware”), a specialist in-door drone producer, for the development of an automated industrial instrument inspection solution.

“Today inspections are largely performed by hand, which is both tedious and at times dangerous for workers. Together with Liberaware, we have identified this as an area ripe for automation. By combining our AI capabilities with Liberaware’s drones, I believe we can create a truly compelling solution” said Kenshin Fujiwara, CEO and Founder, HACARUS.

Instrument reading and inspection, a key task for ensuring the accurate and safe operation of factories, warehouses and industrial locales, is today a manual task – with workers needing to physically move from one meter to another to record values. While the advent of apps and smartphone cameras have replaced the pen and notepads of the past, the work still requires walking between instruments, and is highly labor intensive, representing a large resource and time drain. In operations with many instruments, that often needs to be read, this problem is further amplified.

Against the backdrop of this opportunity for automation, HACARUS and Liberaware have joined forces. The joint solution works by utilizing cameras deployed on Liberaware’s IBIS drone to read instruments, combined with HACARUS’ powerful AI-fuled SPECTRO visual inspection software. Thanks to its nimble size and the smart inspection technology, the drones are able to swiftly read instruments and fully automate the process.

(Left, Right) Example of automatically reading digital and analog instruments taken by drone with SPECTRO 

(Left, Right)  IBIS, a small drone for indoor equipment inspection developed and manufactured by Liberaware. IBIS inspecting the interior of the elevator.

This package solution eliminates the need for workers to physically inspect, and therefore leads to a significant reduction in both labor costs and the time required, as well as actively contributes to accident prevention. Demonstrations of the joint solution to follow shortly.

About Liberaware Inc.

Founded in 2016, is engaged in the development of IBIS, a small industrial drone, and the analysis of video shot by drones. The firm supports the manufacturing and construction industries to improve the productivity of equipment inspection operations. It is used for inspection of equipment that requires additional installation of support materials and equipment that is dangerous for workers to enter, such as plumbing and chimneys. IBIS has two lineups: a manually operated type and an automatic patrol type. In this project, development is based on the automatic patrol type IBIS.


HACARUS INC., founded 2014, in Kyoto, Japan is the leading provider of explainable lightweight AI Tools, backed by Miyako Capital (Kyoto University) among others. HACARUS award winning SPECTRO visual inspection solution uses sparse modeling technology and automates indoor and outdoor infrastructure monitoring, as well as visual inspection of industrial products. SPECTRO is available for on-premise, embedded, and cloud usage.  SPECTRO is based on HACARUS’ proprietary AI technology, which is far more resource, energy and data efficient when compared to deep learning. To learn more visit: https://hacarus.com/spectro-visual-inspection/

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