New HACARUS Check Website for the Global Market Launched

New HACARUS Check Website For The Global Market Launched

The new HACARUS Check website is designed to provide comprehensive information about HACARUS’ flagship solution for automation of visual inspection and quality controls.

Kyoto, Japan – February 21st, 2024 – HACARUS, on a mission to bring the next generation of instruments to every industry, today launched a new version of the global website for its flagship HACARUS Check product line, which will serve as a one-stop information resource for all things HACAUS Check – aimed at both new and existing clients, to learn more about how to adopt AI & robotics to power digital transformation efforts.

HACARUS Check is especially good for visual inspections of automotive, casting, electronics, metals and machined parts. Inspection target examples include metal cylinders, diecasting, complex plastic parts and electronic circuit boards, with detection capabilities for cosmetic defects such as scratches, dents and contaminations as well as completeness check for foreign object contamination and more.

The new site, divided into sections dedicated to Use Cases, AI Software, CRX and a Partner Portal, outlines customer success stories, the capabilities of HACARUS Check and the seamless integration with the leading robotics platform CRX from FANUC, as well as how to engage with HACARUS as a reseller, distributor or value-added reseller. One of HACAUS core strategic focus areas  is the global expansion, and growing the market penetration of HACARUS Check outside of Japan, with this new site as one the key initiative to raise awareness and capture customer inquiries.

Please visit the new site here, or by clicking various hyperlinks in this post.

Note that the new site uses the same URL as the previous landing page, so no need to update existing bookmarks or linking (


HACARUS mission is to bring the next generation of instruments to all industries. We are an AI developer from Kyoto, Japan with over a decade’s experience in delivering complex solutions for machine vision systems, and backed by Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Osaka Gas and Miyako Capital (Kyoto University), among others. HACARUS Check, our flagship visual inspection suite is currently deployed in Asia, Europe and North America and helps clients achieve factory automation and digital transformation goals. HACARUS’ AI Core is uniquely differentiated in that it is able to create highly accurate defect detection models from small data sets, trained with only good data, and can be adopted to changing production conditions with simple adjustments. To learn more visit

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