HACARUS to present at Digital Transformation Promotion Conference for Manufacturing Companies

HACARUS To Present At Digital Transformation Promotion Conference For Manufacturing Companies

The presentation will be given by HACARUS’ CPO and Product Division Manager Rio Onishi on May 22 at 14:00 and available online.

The lecture will center on how to automate surface inspections of automotive metal parts and serves as a part of a 4-day conference for digital transformation promotion in the manufacturing industry. HACARUS presentation, on the second day,  will be a part of the “Production Technology DX” session, where 14 companies related to AI and DX will participate.

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Event Details

Date and time: May 21, 2024 (Tuesday) to May 24, 2024 (Friday)
Venue: Online
Organizer: Innovation & Co., Ltd.

HACARUS Presentation

Date and time: May 22nd (Wednesday) 14:00-14:30
Title: Production Technology DX Day, 09 “Automate inspections for metal parts with complex shapes! Unique AI for learning small quantities of good quality products ✕  inspection with robots”
Speaker: Rio Onishi, Director, CPO and Product Division Manager, HACARUS
How to watch: Please fill out the necessary information on the application page.The organizer, Match UP Secretariat, will send a viewing URL to your registered email address.

Target Audience

People that are:

  • Working on automation of manufacturing and inspection processes in the auto parts industry
  • Have previously tried to use AI, but it was difficult to get good results from Deep Learning
  • Have introduced AI, but the imaging did not go well.

About the Event (from Organizer)

The “Production Technology DX” Day, the second day of the “DX Promotion Conference for manufacturing companies”, will explore how production technology DX centered on smart factories can contribute to improving productivity and reduce costs.
Examples such as integrating production equipment using digital technology, realizing rapid decision-making based on real-time data analysis, responding to mass customization through automation of manufacturing sites and decision-making centered on data will be showcased. This session aims to show how by utilizing DX tools, firms can increase their competitiveness.


HACARUS mission is to bring the next generation of instruments to all industries. We are an AI developer from Kyoto, Japan with over a decade’s experience in delivering complex solutions for machine vision systems, and backed by Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Osaka Gas and Miyako Capital (Kyoto University), among others. HACARUS Check, our flagship visual inspection suite is currently deployed in Asia, Europe and North America and helps clients achieve factory automation and digital transformation goals. HACARUS’ AI Core is uniquely differentiated in that it is able to create highly accurate defect detection models from small data sets, trained with only good data, and can be adopted to changing production conditions with simple adjustments.

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