HACARUS Check for FANUC CRX series available now

HACARUS Check For FANUC CRX Series Available Now

HACARUS Check is now the first AI visual inspection system compatible with FANUC cooperative robots.

June 23nd, 2023 – Kyoto, Japan – HACARUS INC, bringing the next generation of quantification to all industries, today announced the launch of HACARUS Check for the FANUC CRX Series, which enables full automation of visual inspections. 

The new product is the first AI visual inspection solution for FANUC’s CRX series of collaborative robots and is the first plug-in peripheral device compatible with FANUC’s CRX series. The new product allows for full automation of the process by linking the FANUC CRX series with HACARUS best-in-class AI based visual inspection solution, HACARUS Check.

To commemorate the release, a special price introduction campaign will be held for the first two companies that purchase the new product – available from August 1st to September 30th, 2023. This campaign is subject to conditions such as being able to be published as a case study, please contact us for details by visiting check.hacarus.com/crx/contact.

Development Background

The AI visual inspection system HACARUS Check was developed to reduce man-hours and improve the accuracy of inspections. Since its release in March 2022, it has been introduced to customers such as manufacturers of die-cast and pressed products with complex shapes. The inspection target is typically small machined parts, weighing 1 kg or less and designed for scenarios or operations where parts are loaded and unloaded by a human inspector.

In response to customer interest in applying HACARUS Check’s inspection capabilities for larger and heavier objects, and in cases where full automation is needed, HACARUS has developed this new product in cooperation with FANUC. It also aims to solve human resource shortage issues and technical succession in the manufacturing industry with automation.

Product Features

The FANUC CRX series is linked with the HACARUS Check AI software, a highly accurate AI visual inspection system for anomaly detection, which is trained with small, good-only datasets and excels in its speed and re-training capabilities. It is highly versatile in the field and does not require additional development costs.

From a fully automated package for visual inspection, options are also available for those who wish to reduce introduction costs. Customization consultation is also available according to the inspection problems and environment. 

HACARUS will select hardware such as cameras and lighting according to the inspection target and environment. The software can be used immediately after installation from a USB drive. Anyone can easily use the software with FANUC’s dedicated TP (Teaching Pendant) tablet.


Product Details
Option 1: 360° Fully Automatic Inspections
Model: CFCD-1000
For those who want to fully automate 360° visual inspections, two robots are used, one for inspection and the other for transport/unloading. All setup, including robot operation, is performed by HACARUS.

Inspection Steps
The transport/unloading robot places and rotates the object, while the inspection robot captures images of the various sides, these images are then given to the AI software for anomaly detection. Based on the pass or fail result from the AI software the transportation/unloading robot then moves the object accordingly.

All inclusive system cost, 32,890,000 yen (AI software maintenance fee from year 2, is 1,650,000 yen)

Option 2. Single-sided semi-automatic inspection solution
Model: CFCS-1000
For those who want to reduce man-hours for assembly inspection or single-sided inspection, which does not require workpiece reversal. Inspection is completed by simply placing the object allowing the robot and AI will perform the inspection.

Option 3. Peripherals Kit A & B
A kit of peripherals compatible with the plug-in interface of the CRX series; an option for those who wish to purchase CRX directly and reduce installation costs.

(A) FANUC CRX plug-in compatible peripherals (with setup)
Model: CFCO-2000
HACARUS will perform the initial setup, including robot operation.

(B) FANUC CRX Plug-in compatible peripheral device (without setup)
Model: CFCO-1000
Set up everything by the customer side. For minimizing installation costs and increasing the number of lines after the second robot.

*Please visit our website (check.hacarus.com/crx) for price, product details and what is included.
*Please contact us for details on installation costs.

About HACARUS Check AI Software – powering the inspections
AI visual inspection software developed by HACARUS for low-volume, high-quality products and high-speed learning. AI continuously learns quickly and frequently to quickly build and test models. Defects as small as 0.1mm can be detected, and judgments equivalent to those of experienced inspectors are possible from the day of introduction. AI repeatedly learns from good products and responds to changes in inspection conditions and workpieces over time to reduce over-detection, thereby solving the problems associated with the introduction of AI to date.


HACARUS INC. provides big insights from small data and has since its founding in 2014 supplied solutions in 100+ AI projects across the Medical and Manufacturing fields. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, and backed by Daikin, Osaka Gas and Miyako Capital (Kyoto University) among others, its technology enables humans to make better, faster, and more reliable decisions, based on data-driven insights. HACARUS’ proprietary AI engine is built using Sparse Modeling, a method that understands data like a human would – by its unique key features and is far more resource, time, and energy-efficient when compared to Deep Learning. To learn more, visit https://hacarus.com.

For media inquiries, please contact e-mail: pr@hacarus.com

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