Hacarus and Osaka Gas to Explore Joint Development of AI / IoT Solutions

Hacarus And Osaka Gas To Explore Joint Development Of AI / IoT Solutions

Hacarus Inc, (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Representative Director: Kenshin Fujiwara, hereinafter referred to as ”Hacarus”) and Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Takehiro Honjo, hereinafter referred to as “Osaka Gas”) are pleased to announce that the two companies will start to explore joint development of AI / IoT solutions.

Prior to the announcement Hacarus and Osaka Gas have been working on an AI-driven infrastructure monitoring and maintenance effort. Based on verification of results so far, the two companies will explore two areas for collaboration: 

 1) Joint development of an AI system to improve the efficiency, and introduce labor savings, of Osaka Gas’s internal operations.

2) Joint development of AI / IoT solutions for Osaka Gas customers. 

In this joint development, Hacarus aims to help further evolve Osaka Gas by developing and providing Sparse Modeling based AI tools, to achieve the Osaka Gas “Realization of Drastic Operational Reform” and “Products and Services that Exceed Customer Expectations” goals.


HACARUS INC., founded 2014, in Kyoto, Japan is the leading provider of explainable lightweight Al Tools, backed by Miyako Capital (Kyoto University) among others. Its solutions are used in the Medical and Manufacturing fields to enable humans to make better, faster and more reliable decisions, based on Al driven insights. Hacarus proprietary Al engine is built using Sparse Modeling, an Al method that understands data like a human would – by its unique key features and is far more resource, time and energy efficient when compared to deep learning. To learn more, visit https://hacarus.com

About Osaka Gas

Head Office  4-1-2 Hiranomachi Chuo-ku,Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 541-0046


Established April 1897
Capital  Yen 132.1 Billion 
Representative Director Takehiro Honjo
Main Businesses  Gas Production and Supply, LPG Sales, Power Generation and Sales, etc.
Amount of Sales Yen 1,371.8 Billion, As of March 2019, Non-Consolidated
Number of Employees 5,392, As of March 2019, Non-Consolidated


For Media Contacts: Adrian@hacarus.com

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