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SALUS Medical AI

We are on a Mission to Improve Healthcare with AI

The medical field, where accurate and timely decisions can mean the difference between life and death, is set to be revolutionized by the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution – Hacarus is at the forefront of this movement.

Since its inception in 2014 Hacarus has been focused on building solutions that help the medical field provide better, faster and safer treatment, based on data driven AI insights.

Real World Case Studies

After 4 years of R&D Hacarus began pre-commercial roll out of its AI solutions for the medical field in 2018 Q1. Hacarus technology is currently being evaluated both in Japan and Germany for applications such as aiding in medical trials, preemptive treatment and medical diagnostics.

AI based anomaly detection in ECG signals

ECG (Electrocardiography) signals are a standard way to analyze the health of a patient’s heart. Medical professionals are trained to analyze ECG diagrams to identify possible arrhythmia or indications of heart diseases.

Using AI for detecting heart anomalies gives doctors and healthcare professionals fast and reliable analysis of ECG signals, thus allowing them to spend more time with the patient. It also has the potential to reduce the rate of errors in diagnosis and increase the quality of care.

Solution development with ITK Engineering

The German technology company ITK Engineering – a subsidiary of Bosch – and Hacarus have jointly developed a proof of concept for a personalized patient

monitoring system, serving to evaluate ECG signals. It not only evaluates anomalies in a single patient heart’s ECG in near real-time, but also provides at-a-glance comparisons with the expected normal ECG curve.

Partnership with DS Pharma Animal Health

DS Pharma Animal Health and Hacarus are developing a non-intrusive ECG measurement and analytics tool for animals, based on a connected sheet that has the ability to capture vital heart data from standing animals paws. The sheet is connected to an edge base station, which includes the AI software by Hacarus, which then communicates with a cloud platform (あにさぽ®) for veterinarians provided by DS Pharma Animal Health.

Brain Stroke Diagnostics – Scaling Specialist Knowledge and Saving Lives

Working together with a leading Medical University in Japan and a partner in the medical industry Hacarus is currently building an AI engine capable of aiding doctors in diagnostics. By combining data from MRI and other vital patient data, our model is able to accurately aid doctors in selecting the appropriate treatment within seconds.

Benefits of Hacarus AI

Hacarus AI understands patient data the way doctors and medical professionals do – by identifying the key symptoms and features of a condition. This human centric approach delivers a series of advantages:

AI Made From Human Experts And Sensor Generated Data

AI made from Human Experts and Sensor generated Data

Our Technology is built from digitizing specialist expertise to create predictive models – all insights are therefore understandable by doctors and physicians.

Applicable Even To Rare Conditions

Applicable Even to Rare Conditions

Unlike competing solutions that require data samples in the tens of thousands, Hacarus can create reliable models with as little as fifty samples. This means Hacarus can provide predictions even for rare conditions, where the available data set is small.

Faster & More Energy Efficient

Faster & More Energy Efficient

Thanks to its lightweight design, Hacarus technology is up to 5 times faster to deploy and uses only 1% of the energy required by competing techniques.

Integrates With Deployed Equipment

Integrates with deployed equipment

Hacarus technology can run on the Cloud or on the Edge, supporting various types of equipment, allowing for easy integration regardless of deployment environment. Our capabilities span across Software into the Hardware domain.

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