It all starts with healthy eating HACARUS is a healthcare and wellness service
for enterprises powered by healthy eating.

Mobile App

  • Visualize nutritional
    balance in your meal
    Check your calorie intake as well as other nutrients at a glance.
  • Improve your eating habit
    with professional support
    Get professional advice from a registered nutritionist or dietitian about every meal you had.
  • Easy food logging
    Recording your food intake is easier than ever. Choose from wide range of meals and foods just with few taps.
  • Get comments tailored to you.
    Set your goal and get dietary advice from a registered dietitian that is perfect for you.

Hacarus Cloud

User management

Administrators can access Hacarus cloud environment using web browser, manage users all at once, and narrow down users based on various search criteria.

User profile

Administrators can see the profile and goal that each user wants to achieve.

The profile page can combine information from multiple data sources and display them on the same page, enabling company to utilize the user information, database, and enternal system that already exist.

Log analysis

Administrators can also access the history of meals and activities of particular user.

Detailed nutriention information including calorie, protein, and vegetable amount as well as nutritional balance can give administrators more advanced analysis.

Download HACARUS mobile app

Companies subscribing to Hacarus service can download mobile app from below and distribute it to users. Note: Company needs to issue an authentication code called a service ID in order for users to use the app.

App Store


Our API and SDK help company utilize the existing database and system.
The toolkit solves various needs such as synchronizing with the member / employee system currently in operation, calculating nutritional ingredients of a given meal, capturing data from wearable and healthcare devices.
By incoporating our API and SDK, companies can use a part of Hacarus functionalities in their own app or web.