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Taking advantage of our Sparse Modeling AI, we provide a wide range of applications and solutions, making positive changes in the medical and manufacturing industries. As a leading pioneer of AI technologies in Japan, we will use our knowledge and experience to support you on your AI journey.

  • Inspection Services 「HACARUS Check」

    HACARUS Check

    Sustainable AI for Visual Inspections - Automatically Detecting Anomalies and Defects.

    Applying Sparse Modeling to provide accurate and reliable inspections. HACARUS’ AI accerelates factory automation by vastly reducing the amount of reclassification needed by human inspectors.

  • Support Application 「HACARUS Workplace Safety」

    HACARUS Workplace Safety

    Workplace Safety Support Application

    On-site safety management is made more efficient using AI specialized for the factory environment. Even in constantly changing situations, danger is detected and an alarm sent to the site supervisor.

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