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Taking advantage of our Sparse Modeling AI, we provide a wide range of applications and solutions, making positive changes in the manufacturing industries. As a leading pioneer of AI technologies in Japan, we will use our knowledge and experience to support you on your AI journey.

  • AI Visual Inspection Solution 「HACARUS Check Series」

    HACARUS Check Series

    AI Visual Inspection Solution to Detect Defects in Precision Manufacturing

    Our award-winning visual inspection solutions combines HACARUS’ proprietary AI software, which enables automation of visual inspections, with a complete hardware setup for image capturing. Combined hardware & software or stand-alone software only option available.

  • Support Application 「HACARUS Workplace Safety」

    HACARUS Workplace Safety

    AI solutions for the construction and infrastructure industries to raise safety awareness and keep an eye on safety

    HACARUS offers solutions to improve safety awareness and reduce the risk of workplace accidents, including an application to prevent workplace risk prediction (KY) activities from becoming an overlooked routine task, and an application to detect unsafe behaviors and conditions from camera images.

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