HACARUS Inspect for HSI Visual InspectionHACARUS Inspect for HSI Visual Inspection

Taking quality control of foreign material contamination to the next level.

Performing inspections beyond human capabilities
Using cameras that are capable of detecting more than 100 different wavelengths, it becomes possible to detect abnormalities which are difficult for humans to see.
For the human eye, it is often difficult to distinguish differences in materials that vary by only a few shades of a color. For example, in a plant that produces white powder, it is almost impossible to notice trace amounts of salt, sugar, or flour.
At the same time, this technology can be used for aerial imaging, where cameras identify objects or characteristics, such as crop type, from above.

Overcoming conventional AI challenges
HSIs are captured at a very high resolution, creating images that are made up of large amounts of data. Using conventional models, obtaining training data becomes a troublesome issue. However, using our Spare Modeling technology, we are able to bypass these issues and greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the image processing.

  • Accurate error recognition

  • Lightweight design for easy integration
    with existing systems

  • Lightweight AI for use anywhere

Service Specifications

Product type: API or SDK
Development language: C++ or Python (embedded development in existing terminals available)
Operating system: Windows or Linux (GPU not required)
Support available for Edge and IoT devices

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