AI AcademyGeneral Track (AI Planning Training Course)

A group based AI training course designed for everyone.

Today’s business climate is one of rapid growth, where technology and management methods are changing day by day. In recent years, AI technology has been on the rise and is reshaping the way business is conducted. As the use of AI systems increases, it is imperative for employees to hold a basic understanding of AI and how it affects the current operations within their company now and in the future. By the end of this 3 hour course, participants will gain this knowledge and more towards becoming an effective AI planner.

Who should apply?

・All business people
・Anyone hoping to acquire skills as an AI Planner

Program Benefits

・Developing skills as an AI planner for leading AI implementation projects
・Raising awareness and understanding of AI within your company
・Exploring areas for cost reduction using AI technologies

Course Overview


  • AI trends in the business environment
  • Reasons why many AI implementations fail within companies
  • Business-focused thinking for AI planners

Real world examples of AI in business

  • Improving existing business models through AI implementation

Creating new business opportunities using AI

The flow of AI development and PoC (proof of concept)

Group Discussions

  • Potential areas for AI use within your business

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