AI AcademyCorporate planning & Business Development Track

One-day program aimed at individuals who want to learn about AI, the benefits of AI projects, and other useful information for successfully leading an AI project.

Taking our experience of AI development projects in the medical and manufacturing industries, we have developed a one-day intensive program that will provide you with the knowledge you need to lead your own successful AI project. Topics covered include: an introduction to AI, differences between AI and machine learning, benefits from AI implementation, AI trends, and how to proceed with AI implementation.

Target Audience

Any individual working in a management-level position or an equivalent role.

Potential Candidates for this Course

・Individuals unsure about how to use AI in business

・Individuals unsure of how to process their existing data

・Individuals unsure about how to proceed with an AI project.

・Individuals having difficulties selecting and coordinating AI vendors

Program Benefits

・Gaining an understanding about AI

・The ability to identify problems AI can solve and how to solve them

・Obtaining an understanding of how to proceed with AI projects

Lecture Topics

・What exactly is AI?

・Trends in AI

・What are the capabilities and limitations of AI?

・Expected benefits of AI implementation

・Mistakes that can occur during AI projects

・How to proceed with AI projects

Program Outline

Structure 1 day lecture
Location Kyoto / Osaka / Tokyo / Online
Lecturers Kenshin Fujiwara (CEO of HACARUS)
Yasuhiro Imamura (CFO at HACARUS / Certified CPA)
Takashi Someda (CBO at HACARUS)

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