AI AcademyExecutive Track

Learn how to tap into the Power of AI for your business.

Through our work with world leading companies HACARUS has experienced a wide range of AI development projects, especially in the medical and industrial fields. With the executive track we provide students with a crash course in AI. HACARUS’ experienced lecturers provide the knowledge necessary to guide AI development projects to success. Covering topics such as what is AI, the difference between machine learning and AI, what type of results to expect, the current trends – and how to proceed with AI initiatives.

Target Audience

Any individual working in a management-level position or an equivalent role.

Potential Candidates for this Course

・Individuals currently considering introducing AI as a management strategy
・Individuals unaware of AI or its expected effects in their organization
・Individuals who struggle processing data collected within their organization
・Individuals who are unsure about setting up their own data science department

Program Benefits

・Gain an understanding of AI and its potential applications
・Become able to effectively consider the introduction of AI as a management strategy

Lecture Topics

What exactly is AI?

Trends in AI

What are the capabilities and limitations of AI?

Expected benefits of AI implementation

Examples of AI implementation

Program Outline

Structure 2 hour lecture
Location Kyoto / Osaka / Tokyo / Wakayama / Online
Lecturers Kenshin Fujiwara (CEO of HACARUS)
Yasuhiro Imamura (CFO at HACARUS / Certified CPA)
Takashi Someda (CBO at HACARUS)

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