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Medical Track

Since its inception in 2014, HACARUS has been focused on providing solutions and services that help the medical field provide better, faster and safer treatments, using data science and AI.
Through our AI Academy program we enable medical device and pharmaceutical companies to learn how to use tools necessary for AI development, the basics of machine learning & statistics, legalities and assessing different AI technologies.
Over the 2-month program in project exercises, lectures and workshops, students gain hands-on experience of the full AI development cycle, from problem definition to model creation and results benchmarking using real medical data.

Target Audience

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers who are establishing new business or research departments

Potential Candidates for this course

Engineers/Researchers who are unsure of how to process the data they have collected - including patient data or data relating to drug discovery

Data scientists who are facing challenges with obtaining patient data due to the rigorous processes involved that can lead to lengthy proposal timelines

Companies that would like to establish criteria for selecting vendors due to a lack of experience or understanding of industry standards

Program Benefits

Gaining an understanding of the basics of medical statistics used in clinical research

Learning about analytical approaches specific to medical data, such as MRI & CT scans

Obtaining skills and knowledge that are practical and applicable immediately upon completing the program.

Experiencing the AI development process through hands-on exercises and projects

Gaining an understanding for the ins and outs of AI projects.

Strengthening your ability to analyze actual data in a supportive environment led by an instructor

Reviews from our Customers

“It is difficult to find a training program that covers all the necessary elements for learning about AI or machine learning, but I think that this program was able to do it. There was a good balance of statistics, machine learning and programming. I feel like I gained enough knowledge to communicate with AI developers in the future.”

- Researcher, Pharmaceutical company

Sample Lectures (in Japanese)

Program Introduction

Program Highlights

Program Outline

Acquiring Basic Knowledge

  • How to use the tools
  • Basics of machine learning
  • How to proceed with an AI project
  • Organizing & evaluating AI results

Basics of Image processing & image analysis for medical data

  • Basics of image processing
  • Detection of cell nucleus from cell images
  • Handling of DICOM data
  • Normalization of MRI images

Medical statistics & machine learning

  • Basics of medical statistics
  • Basics of machine learning
  • Basics of Deep Learning

Examples of AI applications in medicine & drug discovery

  • Six essential areas for AI development
  • Genomic Medicine
  • Image diagnosis support
  • Diagnosis & treatment support
  • Drug devleopment
  • Nursing care and dementia
  • Surgical support

Data Analysis without programming

  • Visualization methods
  • How to analyze data without programming

Using Python & JupyterNotebook

Evaluating the performance of medical AI

Proceeding with medical AI projects

Program Outline

Structure ・3 days of classroom training
・2 months of project exercises
・4 debriefing days during the project exercises
Time ・Seminar: 10:00-17:00 (including a 1-hour lunch break)
・Exercise session: 13:00-17:00
*During the exercise session, participants will work independently until the final presentation
Location Kyoto / Osaka / Tokyo / Online
Capacity 10-20 participants (participants from various companies and organizations will participate)
Lecturers Takashi Someda (CBO at HACARUS)
Naoki Kitora (CTO at HACARUS)
Keiichiro Takahashi (Data Scientist at HACARUS)
Things to bring A laptop PC (Windows or Mac)
*Participants are mainly required to use Internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for this program.
Participants are advised to:
Have an elementary understanding of Mathematics

For this course, a detailed knowledge of mathematics is not required. However, since the content of this course is based on statistics, it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of mathematics at a high-school level.

Have basic work experience with data

While this course does not require any programming experience, a familiarity with Microsoft Excel is preferred, especially with pivot tables or regression analysis.

Real Data Analysis Support

Following a similar format to our project exercises, our data scientists will support the analysis of actual data provided by you with online Q&A sessions, periodic face-to-face reviews, and policy recommendations. If you wish for HACARUS to perform the analysis, we will also provide PoC services.

In-House Group Training

For companies who wish to conduct the training in their facilities, our instructors will implement our program in their office for groups of 10 or more participants. In these cases, accomodation and transportation costs will also be included in addition to standard course fees.

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