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A Complete AI Development Service

As the market leader in lightweight and explainable AI, HACARUS is uniquely adept to develop custom AI solutions for clients in a wide range of industries.
Combining vast experience from customer centric AI development with data science expertise, HACARUS possesses the ability to create tailor-made solutions. Our DATA SCIENCE CONSULTING package offers a full range of AI development services including Data collection, Annotation, Data analysis, AI Model Development and Prototype Development.

  • Comprehensive support for successful AI development

  • Focusing on the skills your operation requires

  • Flexible contracts where you retain the IP rights

Service Overview

Service Period: 12 months
Example of Service Contents Data Collection, Annotation, Data Analysis, AI Model Development, Prototype Application Development
Team Members: 1 Project Manager, 1 Data Scientist

Provided Services

Data Collection

Flexible data collection support

  • Evaluations for public and privately sold data sets
  • Web data scraping
  • Design & implementation of questionnaires or similar services
  • Formatting and pre-processing of retained data

Prototype development for IoT devices for data collection

Data Analysis & AI Model Development

  • Analysis report creation
  • AI model design
  • AI model development
  • Evaluations for AI models
  • Creating & operating training sessions for Deep Learning within your company
  • Paper writing support


  • Video & Image annotation
  • Support for hiring a specialist

Timely annotation for high volumes of data through a 3rd party

Prototype Application Development

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications (Android/IOS)/iOS
  • Desktop applications (Windows/Mac/Linux)

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CUSTOMER:Infrastructure Company (Japan)

To prevent workplace accidents in hazardous environments, our client wanted to create an AI solution that could detect unsafe behaviors and ensure the proper use of safety equipment from video and image data.

DATA SOURCE: Video feed data

CUSTOMER:Pharmaceutical Company & Medical University

The customer wanted to create an AI tool for Stokes detection and classification, to help suggest treatment. Our involvement included the creation of an AI model and supporting software.

DATA SOURCE: MRI images and patient data

CUSTOMER:Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Using data captured from an ECG device, the customer wanted to create a predictive AI tool that would monitor expected heart activity and notify healthcare professionals in case of anomalies. We were tasked with working on edge AI software and hardware components.

DATA SOURCE: Time-series data

Case Study

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