Support for Team BuildingAI Department Establishment Support

Support for setting up an internal AI team from scratch.

Through our AI-Academy for Enterprise service, we support firms looking to venture into the AI field with the establishment of an internal department. Our comprehensive package of services includes all the building blocks needed for success launch, such as AI training for various occupations, recruitment support for data scientists, and PoC execution support.
The outcome of the AI Academy for Enterprise program is a capable, experienced organization designed to plan and execute AI projects, develop talent and evaluate external partners.

  • Support from conceptualization to operation

  • Effective use of
    AI Academy’s training program

  • Start a specialized data science team
    within 6 months

The way we work

Identifying Current Issues

  • Challenges to recruit and/or AI specialists
  • Difficulties in setting up effective evaluation methods for AI-related teams

Achieving Goals

  • Creating an organization where key players work together towards AI planning and development
  • Gaining the ability to plan an AI Implementation portfolio, including ROI findings
  • Effectively promoting AI development projects within the company

Service Contents

Initial Consulting

4-6 months

Setting clear goals and plans

In this stage, HACARUS will assist you in clarifying the purpose and the metrics for success, as well as how to achieve it and formulate an implementation plan. Our consultants will work with you to create a plan that focuses on business value, structure, and methods for meeting objectives through the introduction of AI.

Main Training

6 months

Creating a team with actual PoC experience

To provide comprehensive support, we offer three types of trainings:

  • Educational programs optimized for each job category (engineering, business, or planning)
  • PoC support to implement the knowledge learned from this course into internal projects.
  • Our HR support program includes recruitment support specifically for data scientists, with the aim of launching a data science team within 6 months.

Operational Support

6 months

Real-life operation support to kickstart the AI team

Utilizing HACARUS’s Data Science Consulting service, HACARUS can assist in projects that require a high degree of specialization after the establishment of a dedicated department to continuously support the organization’s operation even after the initial service is completed with clear understanding of client’s business goals and expectations.

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